ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (346)

"Jared has been hitting on me all night and I am definitely under his .......... I am going to ask him out on a date for tomorrow," Lilly said to Jacky.
"My dad keeps the household pretty well under his .......... He does a good job but I am ready for some independence," Jeremy said to Joel.
"Joe and I go way back. He was having a hard time in basic training so I kind of took him under my ......... and then, when I had a hard time in the advanced training, he helped me," Ken said to Ron.
When the civilian was shot by the soldier, the government needed to find out whether the soldier was ......... orders at the time. If he was not, he is going to jail.
"I will resign but I am resigning under ......... and I want that on the record," Matt said when the government asked him to leave for talking to the press about a matter they wanted to keep secret.
"I really wanted my mother to come stay with us but under the ......... I understand why she is not coming. The fire is so close to her house that she can't leave and have a good time," Ben said to Jasmine.
"I only make $15 an hour at the construction job but it is all under the ......... so it works out to be more since I am not paying taxes on it," Jack said to Craig.
"It isn't just you that finds his comments offensive. Everything under the ......... takes offense to his comments," Jill said to Leanne.
"I am going to throw a party for my brother but keep that under ......... for now until I know for sure what day it is going to be on," Ned said to Ty.
"I don't work for Head First. My organization is under the same ......... of education though," Peggy said to Irma.