ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (134)

"I hate how being a bank teller requires one to stand on their feet all day. My dogs are always ......... after a day of standing on them for eight hours," Maxine told Stacy.
"The newsman said the reason that gas is so expensive is that it is costing more to get it to the United States. My .........! It is so expensive because the gas companies are charging too much for it. They reported record profits last year," George groused to his wife.
"Dina told me that she was late from the dance because her car got a flat tire. My .........! She still has the same tires on her car that she has had for months!" Her dad exclaimed to her mother.
"Can you bring the vacuum in with you? I would, but my hands are ......... as you can see," Jessie said to her husband.
"Oh, you don't have enough money to buy both new clothes and go to Disneyland with your friends? My heart ......... for your plight," her dad said sarcastically.
"I would like you to stay on the investigation, but I can't let you. My ......... are tied. My superior already ordered me to remove you from the case," the lieutenant said to Jack.
When Jill protested her dad's rule that required her to be in at 11 o'clock, he told her that as long as she was living with him she would follow his rules. He then caustically said, "My way or the .........," as a last comment.
Showing up late for work after he had been warned to be timely was another nail in his .......... He had been warned about many other things lately and was close to being fired.
"Jacky is sick again? My heart goes ......... to your family. You have had such a rough time lately," Bill told his best friend George.
"The game was a real nail-.......... It was a tied game in the fourth quarter and went into overtime. Overtime went for five minutes until Oakland scored a touchdown," Lewis informed his friend who had to work during the football game.