ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (253)

"I know that you don't like seafood but our friends make the best seafood Fettuccini Alfredo I have ever had. Will you agree to keep an ......... mind and try it before deciding you don't like it?" Jill asked her son.
The boss was a scary guy. When he called you into his office, you could bet that you would receive the worse insults you have ever had to endure and there was something about him that would stop anyone from talking back to him. People immediately froze in their ......... and meekly walked into his office when he called them.
In ......... to change the sink, he would have to turn off the water that runs to the facet. He failed to do so and got a surprise when water started liberally spraying down on the kitchen floor.
Since the company put a set of sexual harassment rules in ........., incidents of sexual harassment were virtually non-existent.
"Your shed is in pretty poor .......... The back of the foundation is sinking and there is water getting into it from the roof. I can't help you with the foundation but we can look for ways to seal it," Rob said to Christian.
"Can we speak in ......... about a personal matter?" Jenny asked her boss when she saw her.
His boss fired him in extremely short .......... He had been rude to a customer and 15 minutes later, he was in his car with no job.
"How did you do at the casino with your friends?" Kate asked her husband. He replied, "Not too well. I kept losing at Blackjack. I left when I was $40 in the .........."
"I am not surprised that you are good at repairing things. That skill definitely runs in the .......... Your father, of course, was a mechanic, your grandfather worked on airplanes in World War 2 and your great grandfather worked on trains," Sally told Bill.
She was crushed to hear that her father had been killed in the ......... of duty defending some civilians from a bank robber that day.