ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (272)

"Your friend Paul is very conceited. He always brags about how good he is at everything and how many women are attracted to him. He thinks he is the ......... end, and I hate to say, he's not," Maxine told Blake.
"Don't pay attention to Andy Cummins. He is harmless. He is one of the ......... yokels who has lived here his whole life and likes to tell strangers — at length — about the town's history," Bob said to Lucy and Adam.
"Is the manager here at the moment? I would like to ......... a complaint. I called the store and was informed wine barrel planters were $10 a piece. So I drove all the way here to find out they're $20 a piece," Linda said to the representative.
"We are going out of business. Expenses are higher than revenues and that is the ......... and short of it," Bill told his staff.
"You asked me if I was interested in a fling or a long-term relationship and I told you that I am in it for the long .......... I thought you understood that." Bill told Suzanne.
"It is painful to spend any amount of time with Paul. He is so long-.......... It would take him 10 minutes to tell a 20 second story," Jill said to Alice.
"When I was a kid, I couldn't go anywhere without my little brother. My parents both worked so it was my responsibility to look ......... my little brother until they got home," Max said to Gina.
"The Brigade Sergeant Major is coming through our workplace, so everyone look ......... when he comes in. He is a tough and mean guy who wants to see people working," Sergeant Wilson told his troops.
"I like your friend's mom but she looks at the world through .........-colored glasses. I am kind of a pessimist and pretty cynical. Her optimism doesn't sit that well with me nor does her faith in the goodness of humanity," Ashley said to Ben.
When he looked ......... at his school days, he saw a carefree kid who was pretty nave in a lot of ways. He didn't miss the naivet but he did miss the feeling of not having a care in the world.