ESL, Средно ниво

Real Life: Aches and Health Issues (1)

Tim has a(n) ......... ache. This means that he has a dental problem and will probably see a dentist in order to fix it.
Sandy has a bad ......... ache. She has pain in her temples, and now it's moving into her neck as well.
I caught a bad ......... last week. I had a stuffy nose and a sore throat for more than a week.
My friend has .......... The doctors told him that he has a malignant tumor that is growing in his lungs, and it could kill him in the future if left untreated.
I ......... a lot when I get a cold. This means I push out air from my lungs in a loud way. I always try to cover my mouth when I do this so that others won't catch the cold.
There is a(n) ......... going around right now. This is a viral infection that causes cold-like symptoms as well as digestive problems at times. It's like the H1N1 virus that has spread around the world.
Many viruses are .......... This means that a viral infection can spread, and anyone who comes into contact with an infected person is at risk of catching the disease.
My uncle had a heart ......... last week. This is a serious, critical incident when a person experiences chest pain because there is an insufficient amount of blood in the heart. Some people die from this kind of episode.
My toddler fell last week. He got a big, blue ......... on his knee a couple of days later. Now, it's changed into kind of a purple-yellowish color, but it should be gone by next week.
I have a lot of allergies so I ......... often. This is when my body forces air out of my nose and mouth in a sudden, violent and sporadic way.