ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (415)

"We went back and forth with offer and counteroffer for hours, but we were unable to ......... a bargain," the negotiator told the CEO.
"How can you possibly think I was out drinking with some girls last night? That's a real stretch of the ........., isn't it? I haven't drunk alcohol in over a year," Isaac said to his jealous girlfriend.
"John, we really struck ......... with that new employee you hired. He's so good with customers and such a fast learner!" the sales manager told him.
"My best friend just struck it ......... in California. He's a prospector, and I didn't even know people did that anymore. Apparently, he just found $350,000 worth of gold," Steven told Al.
"I don't know what kind of shoes I want, Mom," Jane said. "Well, let's go to the store and see what they have. We'll just keep looking until a pair strikes your .........," her mother offered.
"I asked Angela to the dance, but I struck .......... She told me she'd never go anywhere with me, let alone the dance," Nick moaned to Joey.
"Why was your sister so mean to you tonight?" Paul asked Rosa. She explained, "Oh, she's unhappy with her life and strikes out ......... anyone who seems content."
"Your friend is a jerk. I tried to strike ......... a conversation with him, but he wouldn't answer my questions. Why go to a party full of people if you don't want to talk?" Jeff asked Luke.
"Dan offered you a job and you haven't accepted it yet? You have to strike while the ......... is hot. Dan isn't going to wait long before hiring someone else," Shelly warned her brother.
"I'm going to break up with Brad. He's just stringing me .......... He's only going out with me until he finds someone else," Rhonda said to Tina.