ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (166)

"I am so mad at my boyfriend. He has gone to great ......... to convince me he quit drinking. Then, his friend came to the house and asked if my boyfriend had made it home OK the other night after driving drunk," Shirley told Grace.
"Look at Tom. He looks exhausted. He must have had a long night last night. His eyes are half-.........," Ryan said to Karen.
"What is your manager's cell phone number?" the disgruntled customer asked the representative after being informed that the manager wasn't in at that moment. The representative answered, "I am not at ......... to give that number out. I can have him call you once he comes in, though."
He had checked every music store in town for a quality distortion pedal for a guitar. He searched for months and none of the stores had the pedal in stock. At ......... last, he found one in a pawn shop.
He and his boss had been at ......... about what to do about the supply crisis for the past month. Each refused to see the other's perspective and rationale.
"I am so sorry! I must not have set my alarm last night. I am sorry that I am late. I will leave my house at .........," Laurie said when her work called to find out why she wasn't in the office.
"I am coming home immediately after I am done here. I have some ......... ends to tie up at the office before I can leave and that should take about twenty minutes. Then, I will come home," Chris told Linda when she called.
"Please don't invite Jack to your party. I dated him at ......... time and we had a nasty break-up now we can't stand the sight of each other," Beth said to Kim.
"Will you come to our party on Saturday? You don't have to show up at any particular time you can show up at your .......... I know you have some things you have to do in the morning," Wes said to Brandon.
"It will cost you, at ........., $150 for a new pump," the repairman told the Watsons.