ESL, Средно ниво

English Slang Idioms (316)

"Make sure you practice your free-throws tonight like the coach told you to do. You have the big game coming up and practice makes .........," Dan's father told him.
"The boss is a really nice guy but my supervisor is a ......... to be reckoned with. I make darn certain not to mess up in a way that will land me in her office," Jane told Ken.
"I already agreed to give you the standard rims with the car. You are starting to ......... your luck by asking for my spare set of specialty rims too," Ralph's brother said.
"My boss originally was not going to assign me to the special project that came up at work but I ......... upon him to let me work on the project. I argued that my past work showed that I had the necessary skills and experience to complete it and the boss agreed. If I do well on this project, I may be in the running for a promotion," Alice told Henry.
"We all have to get back to work so let's bring this meeting to a .........," the boss told the staff.
"I don't like my mom's new boyfriend. She likes him but I think he is just ......... on her for her money. He makes a third of what she makes and regularly asks her to buy him stuff," Maxine told.
"I think there is an animal or something outside. Our dog just pricked ......... her ears and moved to the door suddenly," Bart told Jenny.
He decided to hire a private ......... to find out where his wife had gone. Two weeks ago, he woke up to find that she had packed her things and left without saying goodbye.
His friends told him that the movie Get Smart was the best movie they had seen in years. Knowing that the proof of the ......... is in the eating, he decided to see it for himself to determine how good it was.
"Chris, you have been in the bathtub for an hour already. If you don't get out soon, you will turn into a .........," Linda told him.