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Harriet Tubman

The road to freedom for black people was paved by Harriet Tubman, born into slavery on Maryland's Eastern Shore, sometime around 1820. She was illiterate because her owner thought it ......... to keep the slaves uneducated.
Slave owners thought it ......... to deny education to the slaves as they might refuse to work, or rebel against their owners.
At the age of 13, Harriet was struck in the head by an over-seer when she came to the defense of another slave being beaten. The blow did ......... harm, resulting in a lifetime of headaches and seizures.
Despite marrying a freeman at the age of 25, Harriet was still considered a slave and had to continue working for her owner. When Harriet ......... told her husband how she much wanted to run away to gain freedom, he threatened to report her.
The dream of becoming a free woman was realized when Harriet accomplished her goal by escaping to Pennsylvania in 1849. Although, her two brothers accompanied her, they became ......... at the thought of capture and punishment, and decided to return to the plantation before being missed.
Although, Harriet won her freedom, she vowed to help others escape. She became involved with ......... organizations and formed a secret network to help free the slaves.
News of her rescue trips spread through slave quarters; angry slaveholders offered a huge reward for her capture. ........., Harriet's lack of education was nearly responsible for her seizure when she fell asleep under her wanted poster. Fortunately, a Quaker abolitionist alerted her to the danger.
Harriet, armed with a long rifle, made more than 20 trips down south leading slaves to freedom. She reminded the run-aways of the ......... they had made, and if they tried to surrender or return, she would shoot them.
During the Civil War, Harriet served with the Union Army as a person with a myriad of duties, including being a spy behind Confederate lines. After the war she raised money to establish freedmen's schools, helped ......... children, and tirelessly worked for the rights of blacks.
Harriet Tubman has been compared to the Biblical story of Moses when he freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, leading them to Israel. In fact she was nicknamed, "Moses" for helping slaves in the South escape their ..........