ESL, Напредно ниво

English Slang Idioms (120)

Soldiers, while in basic training, are encouraged not to form ......... courts to try their peers if it will result in violence amongst the ranks. They are encouraged to go to a superior for guidance and resolution for most issues.
After work, he read multiple financial magazines to keep ......... of current issues so that he could provide more value on the job.
He took a second job to pay his bills. He wasn't earning enough at the first job to keep his creditors at ..........
She had been taking night classes at the local college for three years now. She also worked a full-time job each day. She liked her job but the pay wasn't adequate. She was tired of just earning enough to keep body and ......... together.
He knew that he should keep in ......... with his family but he didn't even seem to have time for himself after work most days.
"I decided to buy my wife tickets for a tropical cruise for her birthday. You'd better keep that under your .......... I don't want her to have one hint of what her birthday present is.
"Thanks for telling me what has been bothering you, Tom. I know that the information you shared is personal so I promise you that I will keep ......... about it — especially at the office," Logan said.
"Hi, Jenny. Have you heard from our supplier yet? No? OK, well, please keep me ......... as to whether they have resolved their transportation problem and whether they will be able to deliver the raw materials on time," Martin said on the phone.
"Son, I know that you are pretty tore up because your best friend betrayed you by telling your girlfriend what you said about her in private. It is really hard to not only lose your girlfriend but your best friend at the same time. I hate to say this but it's true: keep your friends at .......... Enjoy their company, have a good time with them but don't reveal too much of yourself; your feelings and your inner-most thoughts. I wish one could be completely trusting but others may take advantage of that," his dad told him.
He hated, more than anything, when the boss came around to ask an inane question and then said with a grin, "Got to keep you sharp. Just trying to keep you on your .........."