ESL, Напредно ниво

Dirty Jobs (2)

I am an industrial pump house repairman. Every one of the pump houses I work in is cold, wet and full of mold. It seems like I am always sick; I just get one ......... after the other. I would quit but the money is very good.
I don't know if you want to become a crab fisherman like me. The pay is good but you have to work in very ......... conditions. Three of my friends died last season and that was considered about average!
I used to work as an ice fisherman in Canada with my brother. I quit, though, after a friend died of ......... after he fell into freezing cold water. It is just too dangerous of a job.
I have the honor of getting to clean the pumps any time there is a problem with them for the sewage treatment facility. By the time I am done, I am literally covered in ..........
Working as a coal miner is very dangerous and has scary long-term effects on your health. My grandfather worked in the mines and died of ......... due to prolonged inhalation of coal and dust.
Oh, just thinking of the smell of the portable toilets I will clean this week is enough to make me ......... after last night's drinking bash.
Darn it! I've only been at work 15 minutes and I've already ......... my uniform. I sat down to connect the television cable to the jack and sat in a pile of the customer's dog's waste.
"Jessie, no offense, but you need to go take a shower. I am glad you got the job as a garbage man but that ......... from all of the old garbage that is smeared all over you is killing me!" Laurie told him.
I like my job with the army. The infantry keeps me fit, it is exciting and it makes me feel I am a part of something bigger than myself. However, I won't be able to be in the infantry for too long due to the ......... it causes to people's bodies over time. Knees, ankles and backs seem to develop problems after about five years.
You think your job is dirty? You should try a day at mine. My summer job, until I go back to school, is shoveling the ......... out of horse and pig stalls and collecting cow pies from the fields to make fertilizer.