ESL, Напредно ниво

Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (11)

I don't think we have a case on Colonel Stevenson. My research shows that every one of his actions that night were ......... accordance with military regulations.
Hi, Hank. Sorry I am calling so late. I knew you needed an answer soon, so I wanted to call you tonight. ......... answer to your question, I will be able to make it to your wedding.
I know you miss the kids, Honey, but giving them guilt trips every time they call is ......... of bounds. We both promised we would never do that to them and we have to keep that promise.
Whew! I almost burned down the house when I started burning that pile of leaves out front. The wind picked up and caught the bushes on fire by the bedrooms. Thankfully, I've got it ......... control and the house is not going to burn down now.
I am glad that you were ......... control of the situation. You handled yourself well under pressure and I am glad everything worked out. That is too scary!
Jacob, you are fifteen minutes late. I expect you to be ......... time in the future. Do I make myself clear?
After hearing what he had to say, I am ......... complete agreement with you. You were right when you said he was a lying dirt bag.
I finally got that legal issue worked out and now my radio station is back in business. We are back ......... the air tomorrow.
You are sick, too? Almost everyone I know has the flu right now. I am starting to feel a little ......... the weather myself.
You know how hard I have been working lately to save money to fix my car. I think you were a little ......... of line when you called me a cheapskate. Your comment was very insulting.