ESL, Напредно ниво

English Slang Idioms (110)

He picked up a ......... piece of obsidian and decided that he would take it home and put it on his coffee table.
She knew that since the job opening was already posted, she should start ......... for position for it immediately if she was to have any chance of getting it. She knew that many people might want the job and that only the candidates recommended by the boss would be considered. She was going to have to find a way to do some schmoozing with the boss today.
"I am not sure who you are talking about just by their names, Maxie. Can you tell me what they look like? That might ......... my memory," Lacy said.
"They don't care about that issue, Mark. All ......... wants to know about is that taxes won't go up and that education standards will get better," Senator Schlitzenborkel said.
"Wow, I am sure glad you caught that safety violation before someone got hurt. I'm so happy that you are Johnny on the ......... down here. You don't miss much," the foreman said to Dan.
He was glad that his son had found a girlfriend. Now that he had, they were virtually joined at the .......... They met up with each other at least once a day.
He was worried about the meeting he had with Mr. Stevens. Some companies had human resources departments and others had various avenues for appeals if an employee felt that he or she had been treated unfairly. Not so with this company. Mr. Stevens was the ..........
"Tim expects me to simultaneously talk to the customer on the phone, resolve his or her case and get my daily assignments done. I feel like I am ......... here," Linus told Chris.
"Hey, I told you I would get the information for you as soon as I had time. That was thirty minutes ago. I am doing you a favor, so don't yell at me. This is your job I am doing — not mine — so I would appreciate it if you don't jump down my .........," Rick said to Larry.
He knew that it was not politically correct to believe that the war in Iraq was needed. He just couldn't jump on the ......... with all the others who were protesting the war since he didn't agree with them.