ESL, Напредно ниво

Real Life: Business Jargon (2)

Empirical research indicates that businesses with a focus on ......... and have "gone green" are currently outperforming competitors from a financial standpoint — that do not have this focus.
One way for businesses to promote sustainable ......... is by building LEEDS certified green buildings when expanding.
To eliminate non-value-added activities, managers evaluate each activity up and down the firm's ......... chain to determine whether justifiable value to the customer is added after each activity is completed.
A common tool to improve performance within an organization is .......... This is about comparing a company's performance in a specific category against the leader in that category.
People with narrow viewpoints can be very useful within an organization. However, when choosing a top manager or a chief executive officer, a company would be better served if it chose someone who could see the big ..........
During strategic planning, companies should ......... their strategic goals to check for relevance. Things change so quickly in today's environment that goals can become obsolete quickly.
Bringing about a major change within an organization is a difficult and daunting task. To ensure the success of a change, businesses look for someone to act as a change .......... This person acts as a champion of the proposed change who will motivate others to accept the new way of doing things.
It is best to do a lot of research when presenting important information to high-ranking members of an organization. Once one presents faulty information, they lose ......... in the eyes of their superiors and it is often difficult to regain.
The use of .........-functional teams to accomplish complex tasks is still very prevalent in the business world today because individuals in different departments can work together to solve problems and complete complicated projects.
Our manager wants us to come to work in a suit and tie tomorrow. I haven't worn my suit in three years. I have to wear it for the ......... and pony show tomorrow. Apparently, our boss thinks he'll look good in front of the CEO if we are all dressed in suits.