ESL, Напредно ниво

Dirty Jobs (1)

I get so dirty every day at work. As a ......... inspector, I have to wade around in others' excrement all day to make sure the system is working properly.
It takes me at least a half hour to get the oil off of me every night. Working on an off-shore oil ......... has got to be the dirtiest job I've ever had.
I used to work as a ......... man and that job was a dirty one. I would be covered in banana peels, old food, pet waste and all kinds of gross stuff.
I still can't get the black soot off of me and it's been three months since I quit that job. I never saw the sun while at work and I always worried that the ceiling cave in on my head. Being a coal ......... is hard, dirty work.
I can't get that rotting seafood smell out of my nostrils. The dangerous ocean conditions bother most people but, for me, it was the smell on the boat. Overall, though, I liked being a crab ..........
I thought my last job, as a dishwasher, was dirty until I talked to one of my old friends from high school. He is a portable ......... cleaner and spends his whole day emptying and cleaning portable bathroom facilities. Now that is a dirty job!
My good friend, Max, is a .........; he is immersed in other people's digestive tracts all day and that is a dirty job!"
I was watching a program about Egypt last night and it contained information about their ancient burial practices. How would you like to be the guy who had to ......... the people who died?
I can't get the smells and visions out of my head. I joined the police department to do some good and wound up working the dirtiest job the force has to offer. As a crime-scene ........., I am responsible for cleaning up the blood, broken objects and any other material left behind after a murder.
My wife just got a job at a day-care center and she, during her probationary period, has to change all forty of the kids' ......... for the next ninety days. That is one dirty job!