ESL, Напредно ниво


Tales of Cleopatra's beauty are renown, but perhaps they were simply romantic tales. Evidence of coins and sculpture suggest the idea of her ......... looks is inaccurate.
A ......... of the coins, statues and other art-work suggests her features were idealized because of her royal status. Men often used "artistic license" to gain favoritism with their patrons.
Although, there are no written descriptions of her physical ........., the Greek essayist Plutarch wrote that Cleopatra's power of seduction was in her sweet voice, not in her appearance.
Some coins made in Alexandria showed Cleopatra with a hooked nose, ......... chin and fat deposits on her neck.
Experts believe the queen was around five feet tall with larger than average ears. Their ......... given opinions are based on portraits, busts and mummies of Ptolemy women.
Cleopatra inherited the throne at the young age of 17 and was ever mindful that she was a ......... monarch, dependent on the Roman senate for her station. Scheming advisors and an unhappy populace made Cleopatra feel trapped.
In fear for her life, Cleopatra decided to appeal to Julius Caesar. The writer, Plutarch related the scene of her ......... Caesar's curiosity by being rolled in a carpet, then unrolled and presented to him.
In the movies, Caesar is portrayed as being immediately "smitten" with her beauty. However, Plutarch described the event differently. Caesar was simply impressed with the ......... scene.
After reading the works of the Roman author, Suetonius, historians learned Caesar was not deeply in love with Cleopatra but was amused by her .......... He was notfaithful to her, but had many other relationships.
The image of Cleopatra as an irresistible, beautiful woman has been ......... throughout history. However, some coins, statues and writings depict her more as a plain Jane with physical imperfections.