ESL, Напредно ниво

Types of Discord

My husband and I had a ......... this morning about our plans for the weekend. I don't like arguing in the morning.
My college friends and I like to ......... about social and political issues. However, we don't always have the facts or perspectives needed to make thorough arguments.
My co-worker and I had a ......... about the new project. I want to have another meeting so that everyone is clear about our objectives. However, he just wants to get started and fix any problems as we go.
My boss and I don't always agree on everything and we had a ......... yesterday. Luckily, I went back into his office to straighten it out or I might have been fired. I didn't completely understand his position at first and vice-versa.
My friend and I don't agree on much anymore. We have differences of ......... on just about every subject. I don't know if I can be her friend anymore because our views on the world are so different now.
I wish I could just have a civil ......... with my husband but he is not capable of that anymore. He either gets really angry or he's completely despondent and apathetic. I don't know what to do.
My teenage daughter and I ......... on nearly every subject right now. I have mature, conservative opinions and she's very passionate about everything.
My friend and I had a ......... last week. It was such a bad fight and I never want to speak to her again.
Our boss hired a ......... resolution specialist to help us deal with irate customers and problem situations.
My friend and I had a ......... about ethics. I really don't agree with her morals and I think I have to re-evaluate our friendship.