ESL, Напредно ниво

Real Life: The Internet and Websites (2)

You currently have all the newest programs. The reason your computer is running so slow is that you have old .......... You may have to buy more physical memory, a new video card, and, perhaps, a bigger hard drive if you want your computer to run faster.
Our lab has managed to invent some really fast microchips for our computers. Our biggest problem now is that we have to create ......... that can operate with the new speed and make the computers do things that regular, slower models can't.
My friend is a computer .......... He makes new software programs. People with this job sure make a lot of money. I graduated college with a degree in economics. I thought I would start my first job making more money than my friends but this friend makes twenty-thousand dollars a year more than I do.
We just got our company ......... up and running. Now people can view and order our products over the Internet, as well as find out about our hours and location.
I teach English as a second language over the Internet. Because I use video as well as audio devices, I have to pay for a high-......... Internet connection since I am transmitting a lot of information at one time.
My friend got a ......... in his system and it destroyed his hard disk drive. Not only did he lose all of his work and personal information, he lost a perfectly good disk drive.
I just ran a cleaning program on my computer. I like that the program frees up more space on my system but I hate how it deletes all the ......... on my computer. Now the bank doesn't recognize my computer and I have to remember the answers to all those security questions.
I am learning how to design Internet websites. I just learned how to add additional web ......... to the main website. If I keep learning at this pace, I may be able to get a good job creating websites by this time next year.
We just got our business website up and running and we were able to buy the ......... name we wanted. Our website address has our business name it along at the end.
I think companies that use ......... to track consumer behavior should be liable for damages to people's personal property. The programs that report back to the company about what sites you have been on make your computer run slower. If I pay for a fast computer and your company makes it slower, shouldn't I be paid the difference between the price of a cheaper, slower computer and the one I bought?