ESL, Напредно ниво

Real Life: Real Estate (2)

If you are potentially interested in buying our place, we are having an open ......... on Friday of this week. Then, you can see the inside and everything else and we'd love to have you.
How is it going with selling your house? Do you have any ......... buyers yet?
Have you seen those new mobile homes on the side of the freeway? I would love to buy one of those but I don't think I can get the ......... for one at this time. I have been out of work for three months and am making payments on two cars.
That .........-built wet bar in your basement sure is nice. I like how the designer created it just for you. What kind of wood is that? Maybe mahogany?
My architect just got done with the ......... for the new house she designed for us. Now, we just have to get some quotes from construction firms, choose one and start building!
We just got done with the ......... on our house. It was a lot of hard work and we had to live in a messy environment for quite awhile. We put tile on the bathroom floor, put a new bathtub in, a new sink, new flooring in the living room, a new kitchen counter as well as new drywall and texturing in the back bedroom.
My husband is horrible at doing ......... projects. He decided that he would redo our plumbing himself and redo the electrical work as well. We now have leaky pipes, no hot water and a whole room that doesn't have any power.
Our school just completed the new psychology building. It is a LEEDS certified ......... building with a lot of natural light and passive cooling systems. It should save the school a lot of money on power and cooling bills as well as help the environment by using less energy.
Our mobile home park was really fast at processing our rental .......... We turned them in at about 9:00 AM and got approved by 1:00 PM. We just made an offer on the home today and should receive word on it later on tonight.
What lending ......... did you go through to get your mortgage? We are new to this process and want to get a good mortgage rate, if possible.