ESL, Напредно ниво

English Slang Idioms (107)

He bluntly alluded to the fact that he was quitting — in so many .......... He called the boss every unprintable name he could think of and then told the boss of his low opinion of the company.
"What do I think about immigration? Well, I am in two ......... about should be done about immigration. I recognize that our country offers freedom that others don't have and I don't think it is unreasonable to try to attain freedom. However, if everyone was allowed to become a citizen, our infrastructure would likely fail," Velma told Eunice.
"I am not surprised that you want to join the Army. Soldiering is in your .......... Your dad, your grandfather, your great-grandfather and your great-great-grandfather were all soldiers," Bill told his nephew.
"Wow, John. I am really surprised at how talented you are in the construction field. You seem to really be in your ......... around power tools, wood and concrete." Chris said.
"I didn't think that scheduling work shifts could be so demanding. I figured that it was only a matter of filling in the schedule but, already, three people have gotten in my ......... about the shifts I assigned them," Rachel told Jennifer.
"I heard that the analyst position just became available and I definitely have it in my .........," Sarah told Jessica.
He knew that it was irregular to say this and that he might get flack for it but he yelled "full ......... ahead" to the formation of soldiers waiting to begin their morning's run in an effort to have some personal fun.
When the fire drill went off, the new teacher went directly by the book. She ordered the kids to get into a ......... line; one after the other and then marched them in an orderly fashion to the baseball field where they waited until the fire department came. Her proper conduct earned her praise from the principal after the drill.
In Arcata, California, there is a debate amongst the locals about whether it is warmer during the traditional summer months or during the period known as Indian ..........
It had taken him many years of study and work experience but now he had a solid reputation of one that knew the ......... of the commercial fishing business. He knew the laws governing the industry, the equipment used, the coastal region near his home and all the other important details.