ESL, Напредно ниво

Accidents Happen (1)

A ......... is a white area that looks like a streak or line that appears on your skin after a deep wound or cut has healed.
Some people are prone to ......... in stressful situations. This occurs when a person falls into a temporary, unconscious condition because he/she can't get enough oxygen to his/her brain.
Doctors often put plaster ......... around broken limbs. This is when a physician sets a plaster mold around a broken arm or leg, for example, in order to keep it from moving for a three to six week period.
A ......... kit is a box that contains various medical and bandage supplies that are to be used during an emergency situation. People often keep this item in their homes and cars and even in business settings in case of an emergency.
Doctors often have to close or seal deep cuts or wounds with .......... This is when a doctor sews the wound shut so that it can heal.
Sometimes, ......... occur when people are taking part in physical activities. This happens when someone twists or jerks a limb and, therefore, temporarily injures that area.
If a bone is not broken but an arm, for example, is strained or injured in some way, a person can wear a ......... in order to support his/her arm while it heals.
If a person injures or breaks a foot or leg, he/she can use two ......... to aid him/her in walking. These items are placed in the armpit area and look like tall walking sticks.
A ......... is a discoloration that occurs on the skin if that particular area has been bumped or struck in some way. This is a temporary mark that occurs on the skin because that area collided with or smashed into a hard object.
When a person cuts himself/herself, he/she can put a ......... on the wound in order to cover the area and prevent infections.