ESL, Напредно ниво

'Rat' Idioms and Common Expressions

Within days of being transferred to the oversight committee, Duncan noticed large sums of money were disappearing without explanation. The three top managers would not return his calls about the situation. He ......... a rat.
Tommy was still mad at Jack for getting him in trouble. Jack, when busted for his part in stealing the school mascot uniform, had told the principal about Tommy's role. This was not right; a true friend wouldn't rat his buddy ..........
He had been working 60 hours a week for fifteen years and was tired of it. He decided he would move to a small town, open a small business, and leave the rat ......... behind.
Bill's younger sister was in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe. She called him in to try some of the finished product but it did not look appealing. Bill told her to feed it to their little brother; Tommy could be the ......... rat.
Jack asked for forgiveness but he wouldn't get it. In Tommy's opinion, it was an unforgivable sin to rat ......... a friend. Tommy was grounded after Jack told the teachers about Tommy's involvement and he was still angry about that.
As soon as Jay got home after work, he looked for his kids. He saw them playing inside and yelled "Come here you little ......... rats and give your Dad a hug!"
He told her that her hair still looked great after she came in from the pouring rain. Secretly, he thought she looked like a ......... rat.
My mother is a real ......... rat. She never throws anything away and is always buying more stuff.
His wife loved decorating the house for different seasons. Truth be told, he didn't give a rat's ......... about seasonal decorations, but he loved her and was, therefore, very supportive of the effort.
As soon as his small business started losing money, employees started quitting like rats abandoning a sinking ..........