ESL, Напредно ниво

Telecommunications (1)

A telephone ......... or provider is a company that provides telephone services both local and long-distance to customers.
In the US, there is a lot of ......... in the telecommunication field now so telephone service prices have come down in the past twenty years. Many companies are trying hard to get and keep customers.
We pay a monthly service fee and, in our plan, we are able to make an ......... amount of local calls per month. That means that we can call anyone and talk for as long as we want so long as they live in the specified vicinity.
I just moved and I have to get my phone .........-up soon. Luckily, I have my cell phone but the rates are really pricey during the day.
I need to get a ......... carrier soon. I want to call my parents on a regular basis and I can't call them with my regular, local package because they on the west coast and we're on the east coast.
I'm going to get ......... soon so that people can leave me messages on my landline if I'm not home. I hate not knowing who called and, this way, I'll be able to respond to calls left by anyone who chooses to leave me a message.
I'm also going to get call-......... thrown into my phone package. That way, if I'm on the phone with someone, I'll hear a sound and know that someone else is trying to reach me. All you have to do is press one button to the put the first caller on hold in order to answer the second caller who is trying to get through. Modern conveniences are great.
I want to buy a ......... phone so that I can walk around my house and talk on the phone at the same time. I don't like being confined to my desk and the telephone cord is so short.
I'm in the process of hooking-up my phone service. The telephone company is sending a technician out today to ......... my landline. I can't wait to have a phone again!
Why didn't you a ......... me message? I didn't even know that you called. Please do that the next time you call so that I don't miss any urgent matters.