TOEIC, Збор по значење


v. to cause discomfort; to trouble; to put out; to disturb
v. to detain; to slow down; to capture; to imprison
v. to misplace; to be deprived of; to be defeated; to fail; opposite of to win
v. to pledge; to give one's word; to vow; to commit oneself to a certain course of action
v. to control; to govern; to manage; to adjust to a specific level or condition
v. to transport; to continue; to bear
v. to be ready or available; to work as an attendant; to postpone
v. to put; to lay; to lodge; to nominate; to appoint
v. to rule; to control; to be in charge; to be in authority
v. to progress; to promote; to make a payment before it is due