Do you lose Calcium when you drink coffee?


Do you drink coffee in the morning to jump start your day?

Coffee is drunk all over the world everyday, by both young and old. It acts as a stimulant to fight fatigue, enhance mood and performance. For most people, indulging in a cup of coffee is a ritual they can't live without.

It has been thought that drinking coffee may lead to decreased calcium absorption and increased calcium excretion, thereby increasing the risk of osteoporosis. However, recent evidence shows that coffee doesn't have any negative effect on bone health. And of course, having strong healthy bones relies on a diet rich in calcium.

Does coffee have an effect on calcium?

Caffeine does produce a small increase in calcium excretion and a very small decrease in calcium absorption. But the body compensates by decreasing calcium excretion 2 to 3 hours later, so the net effect on calcium is unchanged. Studies show that in moderation, drinking coffee has no effect on bone health. In order to ensure stronger and healthier bones, one should consume a diet adequate in calcium, providing 1000 mg/day for women 19-50 years.

Can we lose calcium if we drink coffee?

Each cup of coffee contains on average 60-120 mg of caffeine. Three hundred milligrams a day is the recommended intake of caffeine, roughly equivalent to 3-4 cups of soluble coffee.

Studies show that a cup of coffee causes a calcium loss of 2-4 mg, a negligible figure when compared to the amount of calcium in the diet (for example: 1 cup of milk has 300 mg, a 30 g slice of cheese has about 150-200 mg).

Can Coffee with milk help me get my calcium needs?

Adding milk to your coffee can indeed help you meet your calcium needs especially if you don't like the taste of milk.

Milk is the best source of calcium; it has a very high calcium content: one cup contains about 300 mgs. The calcium in milk is easily absorbed. Additionally, milk contains vitamins A, D, B12, which are essential for bone health.

In a recent survey, when people were asked to list their dietary sources of calcium only 6% listed their morning latte as a calcium source. What is good to know is that adding a glass of milk to your morning coffee will help you get up to 300 mg of calcium that you did not think of in the first place.

So next time you indulge in a cup of coffee remember:

Prepare your coffee with a full glass of milk which helps you meet your needs in calcium.

Go for low-fat or zero-fat milk with your coffee to get the calcium but not the fat.

Add sugar in moderation to enhance taste, but not too much (think calories).

Make sure your diet is adequate in calcium by eating 3 dairy servings per day.

Drink coffee in moderation, about 3 to 4 cups a day.

With this healthy combination you will get your morning boost plus an extra source of calcium you enjoy.

So go ahead have that latte........ With a double shot of MILK.