Extra English 22 - Haunting at Halloween


This is the story of Bridget

and Annie, who share a flat in London

and the boys next door -

Nick, and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector and Annie

still love each other.

Bridget still loves herself.

And Nick loves babes,

motorbikes and pizza.

Stand by for Extra.

And I can see

a great big bowl of dog food.

And on the bowl, it says a name.

It says


It must be teatime, Charley.

Guess what!

You've just met Brad Pitt.

What? Don't be ridiculous, Annie.

I've just been to see Rose Marie.

- Who's Rose Marie?

- My fortune teller.

And she says I'm going to meet

a tall, dark, handsome stranger.

Oooh! When?

She didn't say.

- Where?

- She didn't say.

It must be true then.

Maybe I'll meet him

at tonight's Halloween party.

Have you read

your horoscopes for today?

- No.

- Read mine.

Aquarius, Libra, Leo

Ah, Taurus - the Bull.

'Taurus - today,

you will be in for a big surprise.'

Ooh, goody.

I'm getting a name


Gigi, you must be psychic.

- Sidekick?

- No.

Not 'sidekick', 'psychic'.

A fortune- teller.

Someone who can see the future.

Ah, like Nostradamus?

- Who?

- Kind of.

Like horoscopes, or tarot.

The tarot. The Death card.

Look, it's Bridget with no make- up.


having the palm of your hand read.

Ah, rubbish! There's nothing there.

What a surprise!

Come here, give me your hand.

I'll give you a lesson.

This one is your life line.

- This one is your love line.

- Oh, yes?

And this one is yourpunch line!

Punch line?

She means it's the end of my lesson.

Hey, Hector.

What happens when you go

to a fortune- teller's house?

Come in!

Ha ha!

Let's see what your horoscope says.

You don't believe all that rubbish?

Rose Marie says Bridget is going to

meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger.


Bridget, this is my tall, dark,

handsome stranger. Get your own!

- Who is Rose Marie?

- My fortune- teller.

Is she good- looking?

Could she find me a cute babe?

- Do you want to hear your horoscope?

- Go on then. Aquarius.

Aquarius, eh? I should've guessed.

'This week, beware of black hair

and the number three.'

That means that three babes with

black hair are going to chase me.

- Spooky!

- Can I be Aquarius?

- No!

- Come on, Hector, let's go out.

I'm going to meet

some black- haired babes.

Put that umbrella down -

it's very unlucky.

But I'm feeling lucky.

I wish I could meet

a tall, dark, handsome stranger.

Well, let me look into my crystal ball.

Annie, that's a goldfish bowl.

So? I got it right for Charley.

Didn't I, Charley?

That could be my stranger now.

Hello, Bernard.

Hello, Bernard. How are you?

Not happy, not happy at all.

I've lost my Marbles.

Oh, dear, Bernard's lost his marbles.


You mean Marbles your cat?

And she's not well -

she's got a cold.

Oh, well, I'm sure you'll find her.

We'll look out for her, Bernard.

I hope so. Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.

Poor Bernard.

He's lost his marbles.

It had to happen.

And on the bowl, it says a name.

It saysCharley!

Hello, Bernard.

Oh, dear, Bernard's lost his marbles.

You don't believe all that rubbish, do you?

..are going to chase me.


I'm feeling lucky!

This is a true story about

a man and wife on their honeymoon.

They were in the car, it was late.

The wife broke her mirror,

which means seven years bad luck.

Just then, they ran out of petrol.

So, the man told the wife

to go for petrol.

He's the man, he should've gone.

Equal opportunities.

The wife was gone for a long time.


He heard a noise

on the roof of the car.

It got louder.

And then

his wife appeared.

She smiled and walked away.

The noise was very loud.

The man got out of his car

and standing on the roof, he saw

a madman holding his wife's head!

So, the banging was

..her head?

But he'd just seen his wife.


was her ghost.

Is that a true story?


- Tell us another.

- No, don't.

I mean, it was a bit dull, wasn't it?

Come on,

let's go shopping for the party.

Yeah, I'm in the mood now.

Are you coming, Nick?

No. See you later.

One, two

- Beware of black hair

- Three apples.

..and the number three.

So what? There are three apples.

Big deal.

Seven years of bad luck

What rubbish!

I think I'll go back to my apartment now.

Black catblack hair.

Right, keep calm.

Nice pussy.

Who's there?

Numbernumber three.


Nick? Nick? Nick?

He's coming round.

What's going on?

Why are you dressed like that?

Nick, have you forgotten?

It's Halloween.

We're going to the party.

Oh, yeah.

I cannot get this knife

into the pumpkin. Can you…?


Trick or treat?


There you are.

Thank you.

- Aren't they sweet?

- Yeah.


This is a true story about

a man and wife on their honeymoon.

I think I'll go back to my apartment now.

One, twothree apples.

Those witches were very cute.

- I think the small one fancied you.

- You think so?

Boys, they weren't pretending.

They really were witches.

They were ugly enough.

Hey, the lights have gone out.

It must be the storm.

A power cut!

What was that?

Who was that?


what are you doing on the roof?

I still can't find my Marbles.

- Your marbles?

- His cat.

Bernard, I really don't think

that you should be on the roof.

Bernard, are you OK?

Yeah, fine.

I'll kill that cat when I find it.

I know, we'll light a candle.

Well, there's no television,

so I guess it's time for bed.

Oh, no!

What's the matter, boys?

Are you scared of the dark?


Well, if you're not scared

of the dark, then let's play a game.

- A game?

- Let's get the ouija board out.

B - that's you, Bridget.

Fan- ci- es

N - that's you, Nick.

Bridget fancies Nick!

Don't be so childish.

Give that to me.

It's getting warm. I can feel

It's starting to move.

H - that's you, Hector.

Depart. But I am not leaving.


'Dearly departed' means dead.

That's it, I am leaving.

Hector, sit down!

- You are moving the glass, Bridget.

- No, I'm not.

N - I think it's for you, Nick.

Oh, great, it'll be about babes.

Three what?

Didn't your horoscope say,

'Beware of the number three?'

Oh, yeah.

You don't believe

that rubbish, do you?

Of course I do. Don't you?

Well, the lights are back on.

I'm tired.

Why don't you depart then?

Great idea.

Come on, Hector, let's go.

- Hector?

- Eh?

Do you believe in horoscopes?

- Of course not.

- No, of course not.

They're silly.

'Beware of black hair

and the number three.'

- Rubbish!

- Yeah.

It could've meant, 'Beware of those

three witches we met at the party.'

Well, they did have black hair.

Or those three trick or treaters.

Trick or treat?

Or the black cat.

- What was that noise?

- Probably the wind.

Yeah, the wind.

- Hector?

- Eh?

Can I get into your bed?


- I'm not afraid of the dark.

- Nor am I.

I've only got one torch -

it's good to share.

The storm's finished.

What's that noise?

It's in the room.

It's getting nearer.

- Who's that?

- I don't know.

Nick, there is something

touching my legs.

- Well, it's not me.

- I know.

But there is something

touching my legs.

Bernard, did you hear that scream?

What are you doing?

I think Marbles is in there.

Right, we're going in.

Hector, Nick? What's the matter?

Marbles, there you are!

How's your cold?

Are you two OK?

What's wrong?

Has the cat got your tongue?

Next time in Extra::

Nick goes shopping.

Hector tells Annie the truth.

And why has Bridget got

so many admirers?