Hi, guys! Welcome to my house! I'm so happy you're here.!

Hi, Kate! This neighborhood is so quiet and peaceful! I love it!

Yeah, I'm so happy to live here! Please come in! I can't wait to show you my new house!

The hallway is really bright and spacious! I like it very much!

Let me show you the downstairs rooms. Please follow me!

Let me show you all the rooms we have downstairs. Please follow me!

This is the living room, with the TV and the speakers, a coffee table in the middle, the sofa and two armchairs. Wow! I love the color! It looks gorgeous! I can see you have some nice family photos there.

Yes, that's right! Ok, let's move to the next room!

This is the dining room! We use it mostly on special occasions! We usually eat in the kitchen.

The table is really large. And the chairs are so elegant. I can see there is a tablecloth on the table. Are you expecting guests tonight?

That's right. My grandparents are coming tonight, so we're gonna have dinner here. Come on. Let me show you the kitchen now. So this is my beautiful kitchen, my mom's favorite area of the house.

Wow, I think it's lovely!

It's not too big, but we have everything we need:- a sink, a stove, a dishwasher, a microwave and a fridge. We also have many cupboards and drawers Ok, let's go to the next room, the study.

This is the study. I usually come here when I want to read a book. There are so many interesting books in the bookcase. I can land you a book if you like, Jimmy.

Really? That's so nice of you, Kate! Thanks! Do you usually do your homework here?

No, I always do it in my bedroom. My parents come here pretty often when they need to work on the laptop.

This is the downstairs bathroom. It looks very nice, I can see there is only a shower here, there isn't a bathtub. The bathtubs are in the upstairs bathrooms. Let me show you now another room: the basement.

This is our special place, the rec room. Have a seat, please. What is a rec room?

It means recreation room and it's used for our free time. My dad loves playing billiards with his friend here. And we also watch the TV or play different games with our friends.

This is the laundry room. It's pretty small. Here we keep the washing machine, the laundry basket, the ironing board and the iron, the cleaning tools and the boiler.

This is the garage We also keep here our bikes and some other stuff, besides the car.

Upstairs we have three bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Let me show you my bedroom. Wow…a bedroom in the attic. This is fantastic! Yes, it's under the roof, so the ceiling is very low near the walls and hidh in the centre. You have many great posters on the wall!

Hey, whose is this guitar? Is it yours? May a play some songs? It's mine. You may, sure.

This is my bathroom. That is the bathtub. It's so cool to have your own bathroom inside your bedroom! Let's go out on the balcony now!

I love the view from the balcony! And the flowers are beautiful!

This is the backyard. We have a small vegetable garden here. I love eating fresh vegetables from my garden. And I can see you have a very cute dog here. What's his name? His name is Ziggy. What a cute shed you have here? What do you keep inside? We keep all the garden tools here and the lawn mower. This is the patio with a swing, a barbecue and a gazebo. I wish I had a garden with a gazebo, too. I live in a townhouse, which means there are houses on both sides. There are three floors in total: - the ground floor, the first floor and the second floor. My bedroom is right at the top. It's a pity we don't have a garden, but there is a park in front of our house.

That's nice. What about you, Jimmy? Where do you live?

I live in an apartment on the sixth floor of a high-rise. What's your apartment like?

It's quite big. There are 3 bedrooms, a big living room and a kitchen. But we don't have a dining room.

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