Introducing Project Sunroof


So there's this giant power plant in the sky,

and it's creating free energy for anyone to catch.

But most people aren't catching it,

because even though it could save them

money on their electric bills, getting started

can be pretty frustrating.

There's all this stuff to figure out,

like how many panels do you need?

Who's going to install them?

How much would you actually save?

And how do you tell if your house even gets enough sun?

A lot of people ask Google these kinds of questions,

so we started looking for a better way

to give them answers.

And that's when one of our engineers got an idea.

If people are getting lost trying

to find answers about solar, why don't we give them a map?

We could take the information that's already in Google Maps

and use it to show how much sunlight falls on a roof.

Then we can combine that with all the other stuff

people need to figure out and create kind of a treasure

map of solar energy.

It could show you how much solar power you can generate

and how much you could save.

Then it could point you to an installer in your neighborhood


It's an idea we're calling Project Sunroof.

And right now we're just starting

with a few places like Boston, where the Sunroof team is from,

the San Francisco Bay Area where Google is from,

and Fresno, where one of our engineer's mom is from.

Pretty soon it'll grow to include the entire country

and maybe even the whole world.

That way anyone, anywhere can start

catching energy that power plant in the sky.