15 MINIMAL PAIRS. Do you know the right pronunciation?


you know there's something wrong with English spelling over the centuries the

pronunciation of English words has changed but we have an updated our

spelling. Have you ever wondered why for example KNOW and KNIGHT or written like

that well it's because that's how they used to be pronounced K-NAU and

K-NICHT now in my humble opinion we should modernize English spelling and

make everything phonetic okay but unfortunately there is nothing that I

can do instead I can just try it and explain the pronunciation as best I can

and make it as interesting as possible and that's why today we have a little

game for you we've got 15 pairs of English words and all you need to do is

to say whether they are pronounced the same or differently okay

how many do you know?

Hello and welcome to LetThemTalk the channel that goes deeper into everything

about the English language so are you ready here are the first pair of words

all you need to do is to shout out same or different same or different are you ready

And the answer is

Different. WERE - Where were you yesterday?

WE'RE - We're here.

we're here where were you yesterday we're here today

next one same or different

and the answer is same AREN'T why aren't you at school?

because I was visiting my aunt

Same or different?

same FLOWER a rose is a lovely flower FLOUR -we make bread with flour

Same or different

different BEAR that's the animal and BEER I'd

like a glass of beer next one same or different?

same SO what are you doing

tomorrow? I'm going to SEW my jeans I'm going to sew on my button okay so next one

same or different

different HERE we are! my HAIR is going grey

same or different?

same. yes it's a very common mistake but they

pronounced exactly the same don't try to pronounce the W just pronounce HOLE

okay HOLE I've got a hole in my pocket and I worked the WHOLE day. Same or different?

different SUIT I wear a suit to work

SWEET this tastes quite sweet

Same or different?


BEAN - You put some

beans in the stew Mr. Bean okay and BIN put all the rubbish in the bin next one

same or different

different HEEL at the end of your shoe

you have a heel okay and we climbed the HILL.

same or different?

same yes that's right I'LL. I'll see you tomorrow and AISLE if you don't know

word AISLE it's the passage between seating in in a train or an aeroplane

reminds me of an old joke about a paranoid man who went to the check-in

desk at the airport and they said to him would you like a window seat or aisle (I'll...)?

and the paranoid man says OR YOU'LL WHAT! okay so it's pronounced AISLE

Same or different?

same. I'm feeling rather WEAK today and I've been feeling like this for a WEEK

same or different?

different BEACH BITCH

okay notice the vowel change BEACH we're going to spend the summer on the beach

BITCH is a female dog or a very rude term for a woman okay

same or different?

different. SHIP type of boat a

ship and a SHEEP an animal

the plural of sheep, by the way, is also SHEEP one sheep two sheep

so next one same or different?

same waste you tie the belt around your

WAIST to tighten your trousers WASTE don't waste your food. Okay so there you

are how did you do? if you got more than ten that's pretty good if you've got

more than fourteen fourteen or fifteen that's fantastic

well done anyway let us know in the comments how you did and thank you for

watching stay mellow and I'll see you next time