Don’t Speak Old School English - Stop Using These English Words


Hey guys, welcome back to Let's Talk, my name is Meera. Well today I am going to ask you

guys to replace four extremely basic words from your own daily language and you know

what let's start using wiser, wittier and fun words, right? So which are these four

words that I've got for you? Wellgood”, “bad”, “sadandhappyand I

really think using these words all the time has made our language really boring, don't

you guys think so? So guys let us begin, “how was the food?” You would say, “it was

good.” How was your test? You would say again, “it was good.” Well is that it?

Is that the only word we know? Here is how you can use different words just for the same

word. For example if you want to say that someplace is a good looking place, you know

nice place, good looking place or some clothes are good looking clothes and want to pass

a compliment to someone, right? Then you can always use the word, “classy”, “hey,

that dress is looking classyoryou are looking classy in that dress”, well

here's another one, when anything surprises you to a point that it takes your breath away,

wow! And you're thinking to yourself, oh wow this is so good that I can't even speak properly,

well you can use the wordbreathtakingover here, for example, “this brownie is

breathtaking”, “this view is breathtaking”. Let us quickly compare and see howgood

looks versus other words, “this view is so goodand nowthis view is breathtaking”,

isn't this much more expressive? Well let's take a look at another wordmarvellous”.

Here whenever anything impresses you a lot, whether it is about sports, a speech, an idea

that has put a smile on your face and an impression in your mind, you can always say, “Jill

that is a marvellous idea”, “Samantha, how did you come up with such a marvellous

speech?” See how a simple sentence can turn into an impressive one. Well guys now let

us see what else fits in the wordgood”. Well when certain suggestions, piece of advice

probably, relationships or even jewelry are so good, you would want to take care of them

and preserve them properly, right? And express, to express this in a much better way you can

use the wordvaluableinstead of sayingso good”, “thank you for such a valuable

advice”, “my relationship with my daughter is valuable”. Guys doesn't this feel positive?

Getting to know interesting words to replace the old ones, superb! Let us move forward

with the next word and the next word is. “bad”. Now guys so many things happen or so many

things can be bad, isn't it? Experience, food, clothes, someone's behavior as well right,

don't you think so? Now for instance you want to say that someone's behavior was bad, bad

behavior, you can always say it in this way, “Ron, your behavior was badinstead now

we're going to replace it, “Ron your behavior was unacceptable”. Another word for bad

attitude, “your attitude towards life is lousywhich means poor attitude or annoying

attitude that doesn't help you go any further in life. Let us say that you want to talk

about food okay, “the pasta we ate yesterday was awful”, “the first time I baked a

cake it was awful”. Well sometimes you want to tell somebody or someone that you had a

bad experience, you can always use the wordroughor a rough day when nothing goes

right, right? “Our flight experience was rottenit's just another example. It's

an informal way of expressing bad experience. “The character in that movie was bad”,

now replace thisthe character in that movie was appalling”, “the cat was suffering

from appalling injuries”. Well this is another way of using bad. Now let us move on to something

happy and the wordhappyitself. So I think it is time for us to start using different

words to express happiness even, why? Because there are times when you feel happy when things

go the way you wanted them to be. So here's how you can say it, “I got lucky today

orit is your lucky day, enjoy the free burger”, that is one type of happiness,

don't you think so? Just being lucky and feeling happy about it. There's another type, when

you want to express happiness that gives you tears and excitement at the same time, so

you can say, “the book I recently read, was ecstatic”, “the pregnancy news made

me feel ecstatic”. Now when you're overjoyed after achieving something or anything and

you feelelated”, for exampleafter receiving the best actor award she was elated”,

I'm simply elated to see my progress”. In the next word which isdelighted”,

you want to say or express how glad you are to meet someone, to be at some place or to

receive something… “We are delighted to serve you tonight”, “I am delighted to

meet you”. Now guys the next one is, whenever you feel sudden excitement or sudden happiness,

especially when you expected it the least you could always use the word, “thrilled”.

“I was thrilled to go on that ride”, “his surprise, thrilled her”. So we have yet

again managed to turn a simple wordhappy”, into a much expressive version of the same

word, don't you think so? Now with the same idea we're going to move to our last similar

word which is similarly overused by all of us and that is, “sad”. Come I'll make

this word much more happening for you guys today. Now usually there are times when the

weather becomes dark all of a sudden with the clouds so dark outside the window and

people are not, you know enjoying the way they usually do, right? Most importantly you

yourself start feeling less joyful, then you can always use the word, “gloomy”. “The

weather is so gloomy today”, “no matter what music I listen to it still feels gloomy”.

Now guys there are also times when there is a lot of tension without any actual reason

or proper reason, what can you do, what can you use? At that point you're actually feeling

melancholy”. “The music is so melancholy, let us change it”, “I could sense the

melancholy around him”. When something is very unpleasant, right? When you don't like

something, you can always saywoeful”. “The class expressed a woeful silence when

the results were announced”, “she was looking extremely woeful with tears in her

eyes”. Now this one I'm sure most of us know and probably used, “blue”. Especially

it is for, when your mood is off and not just because of weather this time you know, this

is because you're just simply feeling sad about anything it could be about work, it

could be about results, anything so you are basically feelingblue”. “I'm going

to eat a bar of chocolate because I'm feeling blue”. Now guys, at times using fashionable

words in place of boring words can actually help you just the way it helps me every day.

But that is all for the day guys, I will be back with another interesting topic that helps

you better your English, until then make sure you practice and use these words guys, alright?

Well this is Meera signing off for the day, ciao.