Present Perfect or Past Perfect?


Hi, my name is Ronnie today

By special request I'm to teach you some grammar

Yeah, yeah um a lot of people um

Comment "thank you", and ask me Ronnie, what's

Present perfect, what's past

Perfect what's Pp? Wha, where am I? How did I get here? So I'm here to help you

Teach you this so you can learn it forever. It's very easy once you get it first of all so

present perfect

[Vs.] past perfect

all of

The tenses in English when you have something that's perfect it means you have to use the past participle

of the verb now as

An English teacher I don't like having to write

past participle

because it takes it a long time and it's hard to say really quickly, so

Most people shorten it to [Pp]. Not I have to pee pee different okay, so when I write on the board

[Pp]. It means the past participle

the past participle it's hard to say, of the verb is the third part of the verb so for example if

you have the verb


What is the past participle of have?

No, no, no no had oh yeah

Good so had is the past participle of have

perfect, so

Let's start off

present perfect we use for

Events in the past I know it's confusing because it says right here present perfect, but both of these


Grammars both of these tenses we use to talk [about] a past event so present perfect is


or has

plus the past participle

if it is I, they, you, and we. We have if it is he, she, or it

you have to use has

This is the number one mistake that

Students make when they're writing or speaking a lot of people say

She have which is wrong you have to be careful. You can remember he ,she, it. He, she, it, he shit

is has

okay, I, they, you ,and we is have plus the past participle

So I've asked you. What is the past tense of have?

answer, had

so if you know that the present tense

is have plus p p

You're Gonna go oh, oh. Yeah, okay. Hold on

the past tense of


Is had so when we use past perfect?

we're all we're changing is this verb to had

It's that easy


the other very easy thing about past perfect is

We don't have to change it for he, she, or it. yay

There's nothing to really remember about the past perfect except for it's had so I

He, she, it, they, we, and you . We all use had

fun times um

when we use the negative

It's the same idea except we're using hadn't so I, he, she, it, they, we, you

hadn't it's

unusual to say had not

If you want to use had not it's um to more emphasize things like I had not done that

but we usually say hadn't

Okay, and again

Because it is perfect you have to use the past participle or the PP of the verb

Is this easy now? so present perfect have plus the past participle

past perfect had plus the past participle

good let's go into the negative of

present perfect

when we use I, they, you, and we. We have to use haven't

just like in the present or in the positive and

again he, she, and it we have to use hasn't plus the past participle if

you want to make a question in the present perfect you're going to say have or


Then you're going to use the subject so in this case these are the subjects has he

plus the past participle has he

Eaten is a present perfect sentence

You can change he to a person's name. I can say has Kevin

eaten because Kevin is a he I have to use has. So remember that as well as


when we use past perfect

Like I said, it's the same idea we don't have to change

This reflecting on the subject. The question form we don't have to try and change either so it's had

Plus your subject

plus your past participle, and you must

Have a question mark if you do not have a question mark at the end of the sentence

It's just wrong and your teacher goes wrong

and you don't understand why because you remember has and have but

Don't forget the question mark alright

so I hope that you can remember how to use or how to sorry how to make present perfect and

Past perfect if you have any questions, or comments about this please

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