101 MUST-KNOW English IDIOMS in 13 Minutes


LetThemTalkTV presents 101 must-know English idioms in

13 minutes approx or 26 minutes if you play this video at half speed whatever

We're going super fast so pay attention and hold on to your hat.

You know what they say "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" so let's go so

So I said to her, "Angela sweetheart you know that there's nobody in my life except

you" she said "my name's Susan" I put my foot in it there

congratulations Jeremy you've passed all your exams with flying colors

you are brilliant

he told me that his job as a janitor was just a cover

and in reality he was a spy for the CIA frankly I found his story a little

far fetched

I've been making YouTube videos for 30 years now it's not easy

now I'm no spring chicken anymore happy 2045 everybody. O my back!

apparently she heard about the job word-of-mouth not through an ad but

through a friend of her cousins who works at the gasworks

hello darling you wanna go dancing tonight we can shut cha cha

- I'll take a rain-check

Ok you found eight billion dollars in a bank account in the Cayman

Islands but I promise you, my people, it's all above board I would never do

anything illegal

Are you still in bed? it's 6:00 a.m. the taxi arrives in 20

minutes wakey wakey rise and shine

OK so you can get into medical school but

don't beat yourself up you did your best

can I pick your brains about something

you're a lawyer and I have a legal question

A vegetarian English breakfast

and a matcha latte just what the doctor ordered

Do I know Harry McNulty, Harry McNulty mmm maybe I just can't remember

where for me his name rings a bell

Do I still see Sharon we're friends on

Facebook by oh nice ear once in a blue moon

when she visits Europe

Doris has rejected my advances 42 times but I'm

going to make one last-ditch attempt to get her

- how you going to do that?

-I'm going to invite her to lunch in the Maldives.

They say that you are my spitting image

- That's nonsense I look nothing like you

Excuse me I need

to spend a penny do you have any.....-

yeah over there mate

Got your coats got your bags got your banjos okay let's hit the road.

he's a very nice guy that's what

they say but, I don't know, I just don't like the cut of his jib

ah look what the cat dragged in

Johnny has gone AWOL he went out to lunch like three hours ago

and he hasn't come back we'd better start the meeting without him

How do you use this coffee machine?

- oh come on it's not rocket science just putting a coffee and

then press the button

How much do I owe you for the matcha latte?

it's on the house mate oh okay Cheers

I don't want to blow my own trumpet

but I'm the best English teacher in the world.

- No you're not, there are loads better than you in fact you're an idiot who

knows nothing. what an ergative verb? see you don't know

so I can't

get the job without experience and I can't get experience without the job

that's catch-22

I don't if I'll like this new editing software but you get

30-day free trial so I'll give it a whirl and if I like it I'll buy it

I hate Perkins that stupid *** Pardon my French

I love my Paris apartment by its really

really small I mean there's no room to swing a cat in here

Oh calm down calm

down come on I'm only five minutes late keep your hair on

32 gigabytes of RAM 12

inch screen graphics cards nvidia geforce r-tx 208

ETI my new laptop really is the dog's bollocks

I wanted to have a quiet beer in the dog and duck but it was

chock-a-block so we had to find somewhere else

Doris Doris Doris I'm

going to the post office maybe I'll bump into Doris while she's buying a stamp

- you've really got a crush on Doris

I was off work for six months before the

operation but I'm delighted to say that I've completely recovered and now I'm as

fit as a fiddle

I was on holiday in Kerala walking through a tea plantation

and do you know who I bumped into cousin Bob it's a small world

so I was walking

up Muswell Hill when these three men came out of the blue they knocked me over and

stole my grande pumpkin spice latte with almond milk that cost me 12 quid

I'd love to come to your fancy dress party but I've got other fish to fry

I'm Horace I'm the new office assistant hello Horace let me show you the ropes

I'm supposed to be getting married tomorrow but now I'm getting cold feet

I've been in this village all my life I've had enough I've got itchy feet I

want to go out leave this place and see the world

If you want a pay rise don't

ask me ask the big cheese

Learning a foreign language is hard

it requires years of hard work and dedication. There is no silver bullet

You' haven't spoken to your friend Mike for over 20 years why because he said he

didn't like Bob Dylan's voice isn't it time to bury the hatchet?

- bastard

so I lost my job and I went to the casino to try and win some money but I lost it all

now I don't have a pot to piss in

McNulty is dead

- Are you sure?

Yes he's as

dead as a dodo we found him in the carpark with 14 bullets in his chest

My baby drove up in a brand

you Cadillac I said how can you afford a brand-new Cadillac on your salary

my new private jet is the best thing since sliced bread.

-teachers get paid better

than they used to don't they.

Ok guys the performance begins in five minutes get

on stage and break a leg

First you murdered Johnson then you lured McNulty into the

car park and shot him 14 times but now it's over we know you did it and you're

gonna have to face the music

- why are you pointing that banana at me?

One restaurant in the neighborhood started putting avocado on toast on its menu and

now they're all doing it no originality just jumping on the bandwagon

Our hot cakes are selling like hotcakes

Perkins ran off with my girlfriend

Perkins said nasty things about my friends needless to say there is no love

lost between me and Perkins

ah Remington's

IPA delicious I could drink this until the cows come home

Second place out of

five thousand Candidates I almost got selected to be an astronaut

- yes almost. Close but no cigar

So they paid me to play video games and tell them what I

thought about them that's money for a rope

Someone told my girlfriend that I was having an affair with Mildred did you

spill the beans bloody bastard

Sometimes to save money they don't put saffron in

the paella they use food colouring but here we use

the real McCoy

Look at you scruffy hair overweight untidy

talk about the pot

calling kettle black

okay stop messing around everybody stop

messing around knuckle down we've got a lot of work to do today

The big lebowski

that film had me in stitches

The prime minister said he would never never raise

taxes and then when he got elected he said you know what we need to raise

taxes/ That's quite u-turn

there's a transport strike today but by hook or by crook I will get to the audition I will

become a kpop star

These days kids take their holidays in

places such as Thailand's New Zealand Brazil Florida and other far flung

places when I was young we went to Bournemouth every summer for two weeks

ukuleles are all the rage these days everyone wants to have one

We arrived in the nick of time two minutes later and our flight would have left

You know Doris was talking to Sanjeev for over an hour at the party

- beware of the green-eyed monster my friend

We knew someone was stealing money from the till

so we installed some cameras and guess what? we caught Perkins red-handed

What do I think of Brexit? Well the British have certainly shot themselves

in the foot there .

So what was a new Japanese restaurant on Upper Street like?

I heard they flew the sushi chef over from Tokyo

- yeah but frankly it was nothing to write home about

What you can't come into work today because your grandmother died again

that's the third time you used that excuse

smells fishy to me

What you're going to marry Steve hold your horses young lady

before you tie the knot you should give it some considerable thought you've only

known him for two weeks

When Linda broke up with me I thought it was the end of

my world but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because three weeks

later I met Doris.

When I asked you on a day you told me to get lost but now you

find out that I'm a billionaire you're changing your tune.

When I win the lottery I'm going to buy a house in London a house in Paris and travel the

world on my yacht

- You haven't won the lottery yet don't count your chickens

before they hatch

When she found out that Derrick was cheating on her with

Ethel she hit the roof

Ah no job, no money, girlfriend run off

with another guy you too guess we in the same boat

where's the phone? This has gone on too long I'm going to bite the bullet and tell Mildred it's over.

Will I be offered the job? it's in the bag my

friend. Do you know why? because my uncle owns the company.

Working and LetThemTalk is really

wonderful I love it but it's not all rainbows and unicorns, you

know, sometimes it's long hours and very very hard work

Wrong wrong wrong wrong

wrong that's not what I asked for I want you to go back and start from scratch

You know that if I could I would leave Sally and run away with you at the

drop of a hat but it's not that simple I'm a man with responsibilities

you like to dress like a baby put a thumb in your mouth while your girlfriend spanks your

bottom whatever floats your boat.

You should have bought Bitcoin in 2008

not now I'm afraid you've missed the boat on that one

Do you want to get a sandwich?

- No way I've just on a 12-hour shift at the factory and now I need a

square meal not a snack

You're 35 years old you want to become a professional

footballer hon you a bit over the hill?

We're very similar you and I we should

hang out more you know what they say birds of a

feather flock together

That was a brilliant speech you gave

about climate change I take my hat off to you sir

Are you okay Bob you okay you

okay yes yes alive and kicking

You are the apple of my eye

you make me happy every day

he comes into the room sits down gets drunk

talks for hours about how immigrants are ruining in the country and how

climate changes are hoax. He's a real pain in the arse I wish he would get lost

Uncle Harry has kicked the bucket he was only 86. I guess he had a

good innings. What he left me a million pounds in

his will. That's a turn up for the books. I liked uncle Harry he was a salt of the earth

one moment he was there and then suddenly he vanished into thin air.

I'm exhausted I'm going to hit the

sack good night everybody. Good night, sleep tight, sleep tight

you've got a lot of nerve to say you or my friend when I was down you just stood

there grinning