IELTS Reading: Tips for Matching Tasks

hello everyone, welcome to my channel

I am Dori I am a teacher of English

and in today's video, we will talk about matching tasks

in IELTS Reading. So, there are two types

of matching tasks: matching names

titles, ideas, matching names basically,

and matching headings

So, let's begin with the first one

matching names task. In this task,

you're going to get a number of statements and you have to match

these statements with a number of options that you are going to get

in a box. These options are basically names or titles or ideas

expressed in the text. As always, the options

are going to be more than you need. Ok, now let's go and

have a look at one of these tasks. Ok,

Here, we can see a "matching names"

task. You have to match the questions

the statements from 1 - 5 over here

these are the statements 1 - 5

with the ideas or names

in the box from A - G.

Ok, you can see that over here

These are the names or ideas in the box. So, the statements are going to be


these statements over here, so try to locate their meanings in the text and not

their exact

same words. Another thing you can do that would help

is to scan where exactly in the text each name or idea

over here from A - G

appears and read this information carefully

and then decide which of the statements match

this information in the text.

Ok, now about "matching headings".

Some of you have already told me that you tend to make more mistakes

in this kind of task: matching headings. Basically, you have to match

each paragraph of the reading passage

with a heading and the headings are going to be more than you need and this is what

makes this task a little bit more difficult

or demanding. Ok, let's go and have a look at a "matching headings"

task and let's hope that this will help you a little bit more.

So, again there will be more options than you need

as you can see here and this is what makes this task

pretty difficult. So, the options are going to be similar in meanings

so you have to be able to recognize the heading

that best represents the overall content

of each paragraph; the gist of each paragraph as a whole

and not just one sentence or two in it. So, sometimes a heading

from over here--as you can see

they all talk about sources of energy more or less--so

sometimes a heading may use the same words

as mentioned in the text but doesn't refer

to the main theme of the whole paragraph. It is mentioned,

the words are mentioned, by the way, in 1 or 2 lines

not as a main theme of the discussion so

in this task scan the whole paragraph but

pay attention to the details in the headings for example

let's take this heading over here

"Thermal energy in agriculture"

okay the whole paragraph

now should describe clearly, without any doubt or confusion,

thermal energy and its use

in agriculture. If the paragraph mentions briefly

"agriculture" for example, then

this might not be the correct heading. So,

always always always pay attention to the main discussion

of the paragraph; the main theme of the paragraph

don't let the usage of same words both in the text

and in the headings confuse you: don't let that confuse you

always concentrate on what the paragraph as a whole is about

ok? So, ask me your questions here in the comment section

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below in the description box thank you very much for watching

Good luck with your exam!

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