Learn English with Friends: Brad Pitt Hates Rachel


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That's it? Even if

nobody helps me I can eat that no problem at least give me a challenge

this is Chandler's chicken

this is the turkey

how big is that?

It's about nineteen pounds.

It's like me when I was born.

All right who would like some yams, Will?

Oh you'd like that, wouldn't you?

What? Oh you know what can we please keep the chicken and the turkey and

everything on the other side the table, the smell is just, yuck!


I'm sorry, what?

I said it was typical. Typical of you Rachel Green, Queen Rachel,

does whatever she wants in little Rachel Land

Seriously, who is this guy?

I'm sorry do you have to do have a problem with me?

I don't know do I do I I

think you do

Apparently you were a little mean to him in high school.

A little mean? You made my

life miserable.

I'm sorry I had no idea I'm sorry.

Well you should be

screw it bring on the yams.

Will, but you've worked so hard.

Yams! Ok!

Will, I just want to say that I'm real sorry for whatever I did to you in high school.

It wasn't just me. We had a club.

You had a club

That's right.

The I hate Rachel Green Club

Oh my god so what you all just joined together to hate me who

else was in this club me and Ross

No need to point. She knows who Ross is.

So you were in an I hate Rachel Club?

Yes he was.

No no.

So who else was in this club?

Actually there was also that exchange student from Thailand but I

don't think he knew what it was.

So Ross we went out for two years and you never

told me you were in an I hate Rachel Club?

You went out with her? We had a pact.

that was in high school it's not like it was binding forever

Then why did it have the word eternity in it?

Ok. Monica did you know about this?

I swear I didn't.

Hey is that why you guys used to go up to your bedroom and lock the door


Huh a little relieved I got to say.

Look Rachel I'm sorry okay I I was a

stupid kid okay the only reason I joined


Co-founded, co-founded the club was that I was insanely

in love with you obviously I didn't handle it very well.

But if you think about it the I hate Rachel Club was really the I love Rachel Club.

Except that it was really the I hate Rachel Club

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