Prepositions and Money Vocabulary


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I have all this money now

What should I do with it?

A million pounds, what are my options?

When you give money to that charity or any good cause

You donate money

The preposition with "donate" is "to"

So for me I could donate money to charity

Yes! I will donate five hundred thousand pounds to charity, because I am great


I've always wanted to join Wall Street and do stock trading! Yeah!

I could invest

With this, we use the preposition "in"

Maybe I should invest in Tesla

They're doing quite well at the moment or perhaps Bitcoin I hear good things

Wow just with so much money to spend

"Spend"! That's a good word! It means to use your money to buy goods or services to spend

"To spend" we use the preposition "on"

Spend time ON Spend money ON

I will spend lots of money on the cat

she needs new shoes

Okay what else? what else? what else? what can I do?

I know! For my mother... she needs a new car!

When I spend money on a product, I use the verb "buy"

The preposition with "buy" is "for"

So I will buy a car FOR my mum

But if that money is not for a product but for a service

Then I pay for it, I don't buy it, for example

A great idea!

I will pay for a holiday for the cat!

I'm taking you to Egypt Lily! You're a god there!

But how can I pay for goods and products?

Well I could use...

Well if I'm talking about the METHOD of payment I can use these prepositions

Now be careful! You pay BY card or

IN cash

Never IN card

You could however say BY cash

That's fine!

But wait!

Maybe one day I will want to buy a boat for myself

So maybe I should keep some money

When we keep money in order to use it in the future

We say "Save"

But! When we're talking about the object we would like to buy in the future

Then we use these prepositions...

"UP FOR" when we have the object

I should save UP FOR a boat

But also, my friend needs help

Her bank account is in the negative

When your bank account is in the negative, or "in the red"

We can say that you ARE

IN your overdraft. Or you ARE overdrawn

Be careful of the pronunciation: "Overdrawn"

"I'm overdrawn"

Any money which you "owe" - Which you need to pay back to someone or some organisation

It's a "debt"

Be careful of the pronunciation the B is silent


And for this the preposition is "IN"

With the verb "BE"

"To be in debt" so we could say

"My friend is in her overdraft"

"She is overdrawn"

And "She is in debt"

Another possible verb is "have"

To have debt, she also has debt. My poor friend!

Well maybe I can help

Yes! I will pay those debts!

Now when you pay debts you use the preposition "OFF"

So a full sentence...

"Don't worry, I will pay off your debts"

Or another thing you could do with a mi-

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Lingoda are paying me in thank yous, not pounds

I bought a car and everything

If you had a million pounds, how would you use it?

What would you spend it on?

What would you buy? For who?

What would you pay FOR?

What would you pay OFF? Any debts?

Tell me in the comments and I'll see you in the next class


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