hey everyone this is Dori I'm a teacher of

English and today I'm going to show you the strategy and the plan

you need to follow in order to write a letter

in IELTS General Task 1 okay

first of all let's take a task as an example okay let's read our task

okay this is your task

it is obviously a formal letter firstly you have to begin your letter

with Dear

if you don't know the person's name

you're writing to, then you will write

like here. After that

things are pretty simple you don't need to feel anxious or confused about this

task simply you will use

one-paragraph for each of these points

over here so one paragraph for this one

one second paragraph for this one and one

last paragraph for your third point

so let's read our first point

again. So in your first paragraph you will introduce yourself

and of course

you will state the reason of your writing this letter

okay? so, let's see...

As you can see you immediately state the reason of your writing this letter

Moving on...

And now you actually introduce yourself al right

as you can see you will have to make some things

up but it won't be difficult just use the information you're given

and your imagination. The important thing is your grammar

also notice that I didn't use contractions

I used I am writing instead of I' m

I am twenty three years old instead

of I' m again and I have studied

I have graduated instead of I've

studied- I' ve graduated ok also

since this is a formal letter please as a whole prefer

the passive voice for example which was

recently advertised okay now

accordingly you will write one paragraph for the second point let's read it

so you will

talk about your former experience and skills

and then your last paragraph is going to be about the third point

Lastly you're going to close your letter with this phrase

over here

please note that this is a standard expression

we learn it as is, so don't be confused by the fact that there is an -ing


after -to alright? this is how it goes I'm looking forward to hearing from


Yours faithfully and then your name and surname- your name and last name you

should put


please note that when you know the person's name that you're writing to,

it is not for example "Dear Sir/Madam" you know the name it is

let's just say Dear Mr. Jones, then you will

end your letter with yours sincerely

instead of yours faithfully and of course

your name but if you do not know the name

you will write as we've seen Dear Sir/Madam

and yours faithfully and your name both your name and your surname

okay that's it now you just need to improve your grammar

syntax vocabulary and please your spelling

if you want to read the rest of the letter you can do it here

in this link

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