Snow, Snow, Snow!!!


What does snow look like?

Snow (an uncountable noun) is made up of millions of individual snowflakes . Each snowflake is unique. No two snowflakes look the same. Of course, snowflakes are so tiny that it's impossible to compare them, but every schoolchild learns that each snowflake is unique!

A light snowfall creates a dusting of snow. More snow creates a blanket of snow. It is so beautiful outside just after a snowfall , when everything is covered in white.

If it is windy outside after a snowfall, the wind creates snowdrifts , small piles or hills of snow!

How does snow fall?

Snow falls to the ground. However, snow can also be used as a verb:

It's snowing!

Do you think it will snow tomorrow?

When the snow falls softly , it is beautiful! If the snow falls for a short period of time, it's called flurries , or a snow flurry . If the wind starts blowing the snow all over the place for a long period of time, it's called a snowstorm . When the wind starts blowing the snow so fast that you can't see anything in front of you for a long period of time, it's a blizzard . Finally, if one minute it is peaceful outside, and then all of a sudden the wind is furiously and violently blowing the snow everywhere, it's a snow squall .

What does snow sound like like?

Snow does not make a sound as it falls from the sky and lands on the ground. However, you make a lot of noise when you walk on snow. The colder it is outside, the more sound snow makes! BelowCelsius, snow that is packed on the ground squeaks beneath your feet. When there is more snow and the snow has turned to ice, it crunches when you walk on it!

What does snow feel like?

Snow feels cold! It's hard to feel snow, though, because snowflakes melt and turn into water as soon as they touch your skin. Sometimes, if the snowflakes are clumped together, they stay for a little while. Have you seen The Sound of Music? One of Maria'sfavourite thingsis

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

because this rarely happens!

There are different types of snow. Light and dry powdered snow is great for skiing. Hard, wet packing snow is great for making snowballs and snowmen.

When it gets warmer and the snow begins to melt, it turns into slush.

Can you think of more words to describe snow?

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