12 Most Beautiful English Words To Use Every Day


Hello everyone, did you ever feel that words can never be enough to express your feelings?

I mean how do you explain to someone that you have been lonely for so long, or how do

you tell someone that you're really over excited about something, probably are over excited

about meeting your parents after four long years, so how do you show that feeling? Now

do you think a word likeenthusiasmorexcitedwould even do justice to

your true feelings? I mean yes they are great words in English to use but maybe you can

use something else. However when it comes to certain feelings and situations we might

feel like, words are just not enough. Now as a person, I love to talk about my emotions,

my opinions and my surroundings in the most apt way as I could and I don't really want

to take away the beauty of what I am trying to express by using simple English words are

like regular English words that everybody uses it. I believe you will start to love

the use of English language, when you take the time to learn different words. Yes, you

know these are truly beautiful words. Now these specific words, pretty much captured

the true essence of what you want to say. So in today's session I am going to show you

the most beautiful words that you can use, that I have also learned and I use it too

to express your feelings and I think you're going to love them too. So stay tuned with

me I am Niharika your English trainer for today's lessons, so let's get started.

The first beautiful word that I have for you isineffable”. Well what I have just spoken

about few moments ago, like can actually be summed up in one beautiful word and it's called

ineffable. The word is pronounced asin-eff-able’, okay? Ineffable. So just try to say that with

me, ‘in-eff-able’, okay? Now the word is used when you are talking about something

so great or something so extreme that you can't even express it in words. I believe

that, ‘the ineffable love of God is what human beings cannot understandyeah, you

see how use that word. So as you can see I am talking about God's love which can't be

put in words, I mean of course, what words will help us to describe God's love? So I

use the word ineffable to describe it. The next word ispetrichor”. Another beautiful

word for you to add, you know the pleasant earthy smell that you get like immediately

after the first rains ohit's amazing, yes. It's that smell which is hard to describe.

I mean how do you describe that? You can say that oh I love the smell after the first rain

but you know what? We do have a word in English and the word is, ‘petrichor’, yes. So

that amazing earthy smell that you get after the first shower, you know when the earth

is all wet, I love it, yes. It's that feeling that, oh yes monsoons are here. So the word

that you use is, ‘petrichorokay? Here's another word for you which is, “epiphany”.

What do you think, Isaac Newton, the great man who discovered gravity, felt when an apple

fell on his head as he sat under the tree? Can you describe that feeling, I mean what

kind of feeling was that? Yeah, I mean he had a great and sudden revelation, absolutely!

Now a revelation that there's gravity in the universe. Well the word for this sudden revelations

is called as, ‘epiphany’. Yes that's the word that you use it it's just pronounced

as, ‘epi-phany’, okay? So the next time you have that kind of a feeling that yes,

you have revealed something that that's the word you end up using. Let's have a look at

another beautiful word which isphosphine”. You know when I was a child, I used to constantly

rub my eyes, like this, yes because whenever I closed my eyes and rubbed them, I would

get the sensation of spots of rings of Lights or probably if he just close your eyes and

press it really hard, okay do that, do that right now, do you see the lights the rings?

Yes I mean as little I was i believed that there's another World, absolutely. Now I know

that there is a word for it. I mean I used to wonder, how do I describe it to my parents?

Like when I rub my eyes really hard or when I press my eyes really hard the kind of rings

and the kind of lights that I see, I mean it was amazing, but I just couldn't explain

it to my parents. But yes now I know what that word is. So if you do have to describe

that, well you have the word for you and that isphosphine’. The next word that I have

for you isebullience”. Yes on a day when everything is just perfect like everything,

everything works well for you, you feel cheerful, you feel positive, you're like full of energy,

you're so bubblywell, this feeling is being over enthusiastic, like it's, it's this

feeling when you are practically bubbling with cheer and this term or this feeling can

be called asebullience’. Yes that's the word that you can use. Well I am kind

of excited every single days, I can use this word every day for myself, its ebullience.

The next word iswanderlust”. I know you have a busy work schedule but do you always

have this strong urge to pack your bags and just travel and explore the world? Like somewhere

that you would just like to go, it's, that feeling is really impulse feeling and that

feeling is actually called, ‘wanderlust’. Yes so like you know you're sitting in your

office and you're just working, you're really busy but then you just decide that, I gotta

pack my bags and I really need to get somewhere, that's wanderlust for you. Here's the next

beautiful word which isethereal”. Now sometimes some people are so beautiful to

look at they almost don't seem to be real. I mean really can someone be so gorgeous,

so radiant? Now there has to be word that describes them. I mean, I know all people

are beautiful, there are so many people on this planet, but I believe thatethereal

is one of the words that you can use for that amazing beauty. Yes I believe that ‘a cold

snowy morning looks ethereal’. Yes, oh my God, I love snow. Imagine it has snowed in

the morning, you wake up, it's like 6:30, 7:00, you open your windows or you open the

door and you just see this beautiful snow outside your house, that's like it's ethereal

for me. Yes so you have another word that you can add to your vocabulary, it's absolutely

beautiful word and start using it. The next word that I have for you is, “sonder”.

Now don't go by the spelling, because this word is not really related towonder

in any way. This word refers to the realization that each passerby, who walks past you, has

a life which is as vivid and as complex as your own. I mean, it's a feeling that really

humbles you because you realize that you know, everyone has problems, I mean everyone goes

through some kind of struggles, like you. It just makes you empathize these people.

Now this feeling is called as, ‘sonder’. Yes, so next time you're talking about a person

who also has faced a lot of struggles in life, use the wordsonder’, that's the feeling

that you get. The next word that I have for you issonorous”. Now when some people

talk, you are just spellbound. Like you are compelled to listen to them as if you're in

a trance. One of the reasons why you would love to listen to them is, because their voice,

I mean, the voice is so amazing that you can just sit and just keep listening to them.

I mean they have like a deep and full voice which has this rich quality to it, now how

do you describe this kind of a voice? Have you come across people who, who have done

that to you before? I mean, you can just keep listening to them for hours and hours, well

next time you don't have to fall short of words because I have a word for you which

is, ‘sonorous’. Yes that's how you pronounce it, you have to listen to the voice of this

famous actor, James Jones to know what a sonorous voice sounds like. Yes, ‘sonorous’, that's

the word that you use. Let's look at another word which is, “limerence”. Yes what does

limerence means? I mean how many of you have been romantically attracted to a person? I'm

sure all of you and how many times, this attraction you would show that you are really fantasizing

about this person, like you're obsessively thinking about this personWell it might

seem that you have a crush on that person, like you are really infatuated, right? So

this strong feeling that you get when you have a crush on someone, I mean you're so

infatuated towards someone that your thought process is all about him or her, then this

feeling can be described as, ‘limerence’. Yes that's how you pronounce the word its,

limerence. The next word that I have for you is, “oblivion”. Now this word refers to

a state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around you, like you have

no idea about it. The other meaning for this word is used to describe someone who has been

long forgotten, yesI mean you could say that, ‘taking illegal drugs like cocaine

makes you slip into an oblivion’, I mean you don't know what's happening around you,

because you are so high on cocaine. Another way that you could say or use this word is

that, ‘the former movie star is now an oblivion’. So which means that I mean he's not to be

seen, it's like long-lost gone. And now I have the 12th and the last word for you which

is, “evanescent”. What happens when you blow smoke or blow bubbles? Well they appear

for a short time and then they disappear. So this word is actually used to describe

something that just vanishes quickly or something that just lasts only for like few seconds

or for a short amount of time. Yes so when you blow bubbles, they look amazing but they

just disappear, right? So use this word, it's ‘a beautiful rainbow is always evanescent’,

which means that it's there for a short period and then it just disappears, right? So these

are the lovely beautiful words that you should start using I mean add it, add it up to your

vocabulary and start using it in your conversations and of course I will be back with a new lesson

for you, so thank you, thank you so much for watching this video with me, do not forget

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