AJ Hoge Effortless English


- (upbeat rhythmic music)

- The key point of the Effortless English System

is the psychological aspect.

So that we use teaching and learning techniques

that are brain friendly.

That are faster, more efficient, more effective.

The other thing is we address

the problem of losing motivation.

Losing energy, getting bored.

The things that cause most students to quit

and therefore never reach their goal.

What happens with a lot of students

is that their speech

is so slow and difficult

because what's happening,

they hear English,

translate it into their language,

understand the meaning,

think of a response in their own language,

translate it back to English,

and then speak.

But you can never sound like a native,

you can never sound fully fluent,

if you're doing this all the time.

The other programs that I have

include a VIP membership program for the people

wanting to reach the next higher level.

And then of course, live training live events both for

English training, helping people to achieve

high levels of English.

And then, moving on from there into areas of

public speaking, giving great presentations,

and then finally becoming a leader so that

as a person develops their career,

they begin to influence others

and to have a wider impact in their job.

There are new plans for future courses.

In fact my next course will be

public speaking and presentations

specifically for non-native speakers because

non-native English speakers have

that extra challenge of

doing speeches, doing presentations

in a language that's not their own.

And so there are a lot of specific things that

we can do to help non-native speakers

get up on a stage and do a great job.

An audience or a host that hires me

should expect a very high energy event

that gets people up and out of their chairs.

The thing I love most is

seeing that impact on people, knowing that

I'm having an effect on people, a positive effect,

that if they learn English,

that can help them get a better job.

And as people learn

and grow and get new skills

I know that they can improve their career

and I love speaking to large audiences.

I love the energy, I love the excitement.

And so,

that feeling of purpose of making a difference,

that's why I love this.