The 10 Best Netflix Series to Learn English


Aw yeah, guys! What's going on? Today I have  a much requested lesson for you about the 10  

Best Series on Netflix to learn English with. So one of the amazing things that Netflix has  

brought to us is just a whole world  of programs in different languages,  

which really wasn't possible before. Before we were at the mercy of whatever  

they were putting on TV, which normally was  just in our native language. And another really  

great thing about this is the sheer variety  of different shows that we find on Netflix

So the great thing here is that if  you need to learn vocabulary about  

virtually any subject there's probably some  series on Netflix to help you to do it,  

and a really helpful way to do this is to try  something that you haven't watched before

So for example you could try a reality  show or a docu-series and maybe you  

want to focus on a very specific accentMaybe you're learning Australian English.  

Well the search function of Netflix is  fantastic for this, because you can look up  

Australian TV shows and find some TV series  that's going to help you to focus on that accent

So in today's list I'm just  focusing on Netflix Originals,  

because the programming in every country islittle bit different but Netflix Originals tend  

to be available in every single one. So this will make sure that they are  

available to you and I'll also focus  on a variety of different programs,  

so that you can be sure you'll find something  that you love in this list. Let's get into it!

So this is a hilarious sitcom, and the  story is very different than the series  

that we normally learn with, like FriendsThe Big Bang Theory and even Modern Family

So it's about a girl who is tricked into  living in an underground shelter because  

she thought that the apocalypse came. But then  she escapes and tries to start living a normal  

life in New York City. Obviously she can't escape  her past though and many hilarious moments ensue.  

And you may even recognize the main  actress if you are a fan of The Office.

So if you love comedies this is  definitely a great one to give a try.

All right now going in a very  different direction from the  

first one this one has a very intense plot.  

Because it's about the story of the 13 Reasons Why  a high school girl decided to take her own life.

Now it focuses on the subject of bullying  in high schools in the United States  

and it's actually really great for  learning vocabulary related to that.  

However I wouldn't really recommend the seasons  past the first one. I thought the first one was  

really the best one by far, and actually if  you want to get a taste of that we made a  

lesson with it a while back and you can find that  clicking up here or down the description below

Now before we move on to the next series, to  number eight, I wanna let you know that if  

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All right let's go back to a lighter  one. This one is from Matt Groening,  

the creator of The Simpsons, so if you enjoy  that one you'll probably also love this one.

It's really funny, I laugh a lot every  single time I watch it and it's a really  

great one for you if you want to learn magical  vocabulary, which is useful if you enjoy books  

like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, for example. Now I would mention another series as well that's  

a little bit similar called Big Mouth. Now the  reason that I didn't say this as a principle one  

on this list is because it has very dirty humorso if you're easily offended might not be for you,  

but my ribs actually hurt watching that  one. So you might like that one as well,  

so if you like animated series and you needlaugh those are really great ones to give a watch.

Now if you have Netflix I bet you probably  already watched this one but just in case you  

didn't I already talked about this one in the Top  Series of 2020 video. Let's see what I said there.

Now guys this one is super entertaining, it's  fun and it is definitely a must watch that you  

can catch on Netflix. Now the reason that I love  this one is because it's super unique in that it  

kind of is a nostalgia of the 80's first of allYou know I was born in the 80s I grew up with a  

lot of the pop culture of that era, so if you're  similar that you grew up with these things you're  

definitely going to love that aspect of it. But  even if you didn't it's got a fresh young cast  

and one of the things that makes it really great  is that you're kind of waiting for monsters to pop  

out, so it's kind of a thriller and then at the  same time it blends in elements of comedy. So I  

think this kind of combination kind of keeps it  entertaining throughout the entire first season.

By the way if you want to be able to understand  any of the series on this list then we can help  

you to do it even without the subtitles. The best  way to start is with our FREE 3-Part Masterclass.  

Now in this Masterclass you're going  to learn the 3 Principles to being able  

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Now this is a docu-series  featuring actor Zac Efron,  

and it's all about exploring different  healthy and renewable ways to live.

And what I absolutely love about this one is that  you get to experience so many unique and amazing  

places around the world. Just for an example  in the first one he travels to Iceland to learn  

about renewable energy. And this isn't reallytopic that I thought I would find so interesting,  

but in the end I found it fascinating and the  really great thing is that you not only learn  

about things like this, but you also get to learn  about the local culture of these different places.  

And of course one of my favorite topics the foodand speaking of food let's move on to number five.

Hey so if you want to learn vocabulary for  cooking this one is hands down fantastic. Or  

maybe you just want to improve your skills in the  kitchen. Either way just like down to earth this  

one takes us all around the world to meet some  of the most exceptional chefs on the planet

Now for me food is definitely one  of my favorite parts of traveling,  

and when I travel I always like  to try the local specialties.

So this is a great way to do it virtually  especially with Covid. And another bonus  

is that you can learn some words in different  languages, like French, Italian or even Swedish.

Alright so just being completely honest I haven't  seen the original Narcos -it's on my list-  

but I absolutely loved Narcos Mexico. It's  based on a true story, which I think makes  

it even more interesting to kind of learn how  this unraveled and stuff, because I had heard  

about it in the news when I was youngerand this is a really great one for any of  

you that are looking for a series that's more  exciting, that kind of follows a police drama,  

also trying to catch the criminals and  obviously any vocabulary related to that.

Now I think one of the ones that makes  this one really interesting is that you'll  

hear both Spanish and English. And as I speak  both of them I really like that aspect of it,  

that it's kind of bilingual. Even  if you don't speak Spanish though,  

of course there's subtitles in English  and if you want to learn a little bit  

then that's going to be a great way! You'll  kind of be killing two birds with one stone.

All right, so let's move far away  from Mexico over to Jolly Old England,  

I'm actually currently watching this onebecause season four just came out and I'm  

absolutely fascinated by it. It's all about the  history of Elizabeth II, how she came to power  

and all about her family as well, the Royal  Family, which I'm sure you have heard about.  

And this is really great because it's actually  based on true events, much like Narcos Mexico,  

so you get to learn a lot about British historyand culture. And I've actually been learning also  

some different words that are different in British  and American English. And furthermore for you as  

an English learner I think that the queen's  English is really easy to understand, so if  

you're working on your British accent at allthat can be another really great benefit of it.

Now one of the things that I'm  loving about this current season  

is that it's actually starting to catch up  to things that happened during my lifetime.  

So I'm really kind of curious to see how they're  going to depict some of those more recent events.

Now I actually just recently watched this one, and  it's actually been one of my favorites so far that  

I've seen in 2020. There are four seasons so far  I believe, and if you love Game of Thrones then  

this is definitely a must watch for you. Now it starts off a little bit slow,  

but if you hang in there I guarantee  you're going to love it, because every  

single season gets better than the last. Now it's all about the history of England,  

kind of similar to The Crown, but going  much further back. So it's about how the  

vikings actually invaded the Island and how  England eventually became a unified nation.

And if you enjoyed this one another really  great one that didn't quite make this list  

but that is kind of similar is The Witcherso definitely check that out as well.

However down to number one, and  I absolutely love this one guys,  

so this is a fascinating series  from the creators of The Matrix.  

And if you consider yourself a Global CitizenI know you're going to love it too, because  

it's about eight people from different corners  of the Globe, that are somehow interconnected.  

So they're actually able to share each other's  knowledge, skills and even communicate between  

one another. And they help each other out in  different ways in their lives, and then kind of  

together they're fighting an evil organization  that's trying to kill people like them

Now this one was really beautifully done. I loved  kind of this feeling of getting to experience  

different parts of the world, different cultures  and getting to hear these different languages.  

And really with this one I was just disappointed  that it didn't last longer. It's just two seasons,  

so definitely check that out. I think  that it's a hard series to beat.

Alright guys, that's the list. I hope that  you will find a series that you will adore  

watching, that you will love learning English  with, that will help you to keep it fun,  

natural and convenient. So if there  were any that you felt that I missed,  

that should have been on this list, then why  don't you let us know down in the comments  

below because this will help other learners to  find other great series to learn English with

And now it's time to go beyond the  classroom and leave your English. Aww yeah!!

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