Learn English with Trump and Biden | The Presidential Debate


So the first U.S presidential debate between  President Trump and Presidential candidate Joe  

Biden is now in the books. And if we can only say  one thing about it, it's that it was an absolute mess.

Now, as the CNN article put it: "There's  wide public agreement that the ugly contentious  

presidential debate between Donald Trump and  Joe Biden on Tuesday night was irritating  

national embarrassment. Must-flee-tv." And  that's right, they didn't say "must-see-tv."  

They said "must-flee-tv." "Must-see-tv" means that  it's something that you cannot miss. Now to flee  

means to try to escape something, so you  must escape from that presidential debate.

So for this lesson we have taken some different  parts of the debate that are more comprehensible,  

and we will be teaching you the key expressions  and words from those. And then we will also be  

looking at commentary that different  people have made about the debate,  

and will be teaching you with those clips as  well. This will help you to learn some practical  

vocabulary for politics, news and debateand of course about American culture as well.  

And by the way, if you are new here, every  single week we help you to understand fast  

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Now, did you know that vocabulary is one of the  key things that you need to be able to understand  

natives? Just like how, in this lesson, the  vocabulary that we're teaching you will help  

you if you want to watch the news, read the  newspaper or even in talking politics. Now,  

the other two pillars to be able to understand  natives are pronunciation and cultural context.  

And that's exactly why we teach all three in our  3-Part Masterclass. And the best part is is that  

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And as we've said or in case you're interested  most of the debate was not as peaceful as we  

saw in some of these clips. Most of the time  it actually went more like this.

I mean, what was that? Even for us natives it was impossible to  understand what they were saying most of the time.  

So now we're going to actually look at what some  different journalists said about the debate,  

and this is going to be really fantastic  because you'll learn some really colorful  

vocabulary and expressions to talk about  something that was catastrophically bad.

Hey, if you like learning English with politicians  just like we are today, well we have a fantastic  

lesson that you're going to laugh a ton with, with  President Obama. I highly recommend that you check  

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Hey, so I hope that you have enjoyed this lesson  

and that you found it useful for learning some  really practical and relevant English. Now,  

what other kinds of lessons like this one  would you like us to make? You can let me  

know by writing down in the comments belowand maybe we'll make your favorite lesson.  

And now it's time to go beyond the  classroom and live your English. Aww yeah!

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