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alright let's get started so there's a lot of  dating and tv shows so we'll start out looking at  

this word in its most basic sense so you probably  already know the word date in its noun form  

and that of course is an occasion in which two  people who are romantically interested in each  

other share a moment however I found that very few  learners actually use this word in its verb form  

and a date of course can also be a person that you are dating  

now there's also a couple phrases that we use  with the word date and that is to go on a date  

or go out on a date or to ask someone out on  a date let's look at some examples with each  

So we can also shorten this phrase to go out on a date to just to go out  

and somewhere to say that you are dating someone  you could just say you are seeing someone

now let's learn some words that  

can be used to describe someone who is involved  in dating activity so based on the context in  

this example can you imagine what it means to be  forward

So as you can see in that clip this woman was direct in her intentions  so basically in this context what it means is that  

you are not shy about letting someone know that  you are interested in them the next word we'll  

look at is one that can be used in many different  ways to flirt flirtatious flirtation or flirting  

Now let's continue with that clip  from two and a half men which offers some  

really great and relevant phrasal verbs

if you hit on someone you act in a way that  lets you know you're interested in that person  

And to turn someone down means to reject someone

so if someone asks you on a date and you turn  them down you're saying no

so we're just getting  

started really we have a lot more vocabulary and  expressions for dating for you but as you can  

already see you can really just learn a ton of  vocabulary and expressions in a really fun way  

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really great phrasal verbs for dating so now  something single men might do is go to a bar or  

club and try to pick up women if you watch howmet your mother you know barney stinson is famous for this.  

and while we're on  the subject of phrasal verbs probably the  

worst thing that could happen to you if you're on  a date is getting stood up by someone

if you get stood up it means that  the other person didn't show up or didn't appear  

to the date all right so now let's learn some  expressions and idioms that are related to dating  

the first one that we'll look at is if someone  is out of your league

now this means  

that you believe that that other person is  far too beautiful or too much of a higher  

social status to possibly want to go out on  a date with you

next is a very informal way to refer to a person's 

ability to seduce someone else pay attention  in this clip to the highlighted expression  

so we would generally say this of a man if a man  has game basically he's good at dating but in the  

clip we actually saw the collocation lay game now  laying game would basically mean to seduce someone  

however this is not as common ofcollocation

now we also might say that a man who has game  is a stud or a player

the next expression is a bit of a funny  one

so we also saw this expression in our lesson with katy perry  

let's take a look at what it means

  and by the way if you want to check out that  

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so we learned all of these expressions about  dating in english today do you know any other ones  

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