Stop Saying VERY! 50 Smart English Words To Speak English Fluently With Correct Pronunciation.


Hello english learners welcome back to the fifth  and the final part of this english lesson series  

where you learn how to stop saying very and  replace it with much better english vocabulary  

to sound fluent and confident in english this  is the fifth part and the final part of this  

lesson series and you have already learnt 40  advanced english words if you haven't watched  

the first four parts of this series there's  a playlist link for you in the description  

or on the top right hand corner i would recommend  you watch all the parts because there are  

some amazing english words and you should make  them a part of your daily english conversation  

right away let's get started with today's  lesson and replace another 10 basic words  

with catchy and advanced vocabulary so you sound  better and fluent from the rest of the crowd  

sounds exciting i am sure it sounds exciting  and that's our first word of the day  

very exciting very exciting i have a better  word instead you could say it's exhilarating  

exhilarating the pronunciation is  exhilarating seems like a long word  

it is a five syllable word and you have to lay  stress on z rating exhilarating say it with me

exhilarating, excellent my first  skydiving was an exhilarating experience  

of course when you jump from 21 000 feet above  the ground it cannot just be exciting it has to be  

an exhilarating experience exhilarating  

now it's your turn I want you to practice making  sentences with me and write them in the comments  

it helps you remember new words you can  pause the video for a few seconds post  

your comment and proceed i would love to read your  sentences next up on the list is very competitive  

a better word to replace it would be cutthroat cut  throat it's mostly used in business communication  

when you compete intensely that involves  using extreme measures because you have to win  

it can be called a cutthroat situation it's likedo-or-die situation the smartphone market is quite

cutthroat every new launch is  packed with dozens of new features  

at a much affordable price great for consumers

now that brings us to the next word very  cheap very cheap instead you can say  

stingy stingy here we're not referring to the  cost of something but using stingy as an adjective  

it means someone who is unwilling to spend  money or is not so generous he's really stingy  

and thinks twice before buying a bottle of wine  why do we have to invite him for dinner stingy  

do you know someone who's stingy  let me know in the comments  

next up we have very thin we can replace it  with gaunt it's simple to pronounce gaunt  

it's used especially for someone who looks thin  because of sickness hunger or they are worried  

so be careful when using it he looked gaunt and  exhausted when i visited him at the hospital  

gaunt next at number five we have very upset we  use this quite often don't we but now on instead  

you could say distraught dis trot distraught she's  still too distraught to talk about her divorce  

distraught up next is very loved  very loved that's another common word  

and can be replaced with adored  adored it's a nice word adored  

when you love and respect someone deeply you adore  them god is the past participle of the verb adore  

he's a great doctor all his patients adore  him a lot adore i hope you adore our lessons  

if you adore them why don't you hit the like  button your appreciation means a lot to us  

when something does not smell good what do you  say very smelly replace it with pungent pungent  

pungent something like a strong smell like the  pungent smell of frying onions that's pungent  

you could also use it to describe a sharp  criticism or comment since my brother never cleans  

his closet there is a pungent smell coming from  that area of his room pungent next up very silent  

it can be replaced with an interesting  word tranquil tranquil the pronunciation is  

tranquil the stress is on the first part of  the word tranquil bustling cities lay tranquil  

during the lockdown tranquil here's the next  one very cute instead you could say fetching  

fetching it's so fetching to see the baby  crawl go grab the camera i want to film it  

fetching i'm sure that's a new word for you use  it in your conversations when you find something  

cute fetching next we have very empty you can say  desolate desolate someplace that's not attractive  

isolated with no people is a desolate place  you can also use it to describe a feeling of  

loneliness or sadness desolate after the fire  the neighborhood burnt to a desolate waste  

she felt desolate when her best friend moved away  to another country well with let's talk you will  

never feel desolate in your english learning  journey we have more than 2 000 english lessons  

for you to get fluent in spoken english  let's revise quickly what we've learned today  

very competitive cutthroat very exciting  exhilarating very cheap stingy very thin gaunt  

very upset distraught very loved adored very  smelly pungent very quiet tranquil very cute  

fetching very empty desolate that concludes the  five part lesson series you have learnt 50 new and  

advanced english words to use instead of very try  making sentences using these words it would help  

you remember them faster don't be a word ball use  these new words in your everyday conversations i  

hope you enjoyed all the lessons in this series  let me know in the comments which ones are your  

favorite words from today's english lessonwould love to know them i will see you soon  

with one more amazing english lesson until  then keep learning keep practising english