The 10 Best TV Series to Learn English in 2020


Yo, what's up I'm Ethan your real-life English fluency coach and as you

probably know if you follow our channel we are all about helping you to find

ways to make understanding English fun with TV series.

So that said, all the time

English learners from around the world just like you asked me "what is the best

TV series to learn English with?"

Well as you probably know as the hosts of this

channel I absolutely love watching TV series and this probably makes me a

little bit of an expert.

Now, I know this might sound like a simple question but

it's actually quite complex because first of all it depends on a variety of

factors such as what is your current level, what are your personal preferences

what are your English learning goals and so on.

And in addition to this there are

tons of series out there to choose from and they're making new ones all the time.

So that said I still really want to help you to answer this question and so I

have made a list of the best series to learn English with in 2020.

Now these are all series that I've actually personally watched over the last year and I've

tried to kind of mix them up to give you a variety so that no matter where you

are or what your English learning goals are be it learning English for business,

learning English for law, learning English for science or just learning

English to be able to have an everyday conversation you are bound to find

something that you're going to love in this list and of course since I've

watched all of these personally over the last year I know that they are all going to

be super fun and entertaining for you.

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All right so now let's take a look at the best series to learn English with in 2020.

Number 10

Stranger Things.

Something is coming, something hungry for blood.

What is it?

The Demogorgon.

We're in deep shit.


See you tomorrow.

-Good night, ladies. -Kiss your mum night for me.

Now guys this one is super entertaining, it's fun and

it is definitely a must watch that you can catch on Netflix.

Now the reason that

I love this one is because it's super unique in that it kind of it's a

nostalgia of the 80s first of all, you know I was born in the 80s I grew up

with a lot of the pop culture of that era so if you're similar that you grew

up with these things you're definitely going to love that aspect of it.

But even if you didn't, it's got a fresh young cast and one of the things that

makes it really great is that you're kind of waiting for monsters to pop out

so it's kind of a thriller and then at the same time it blends in elements of

comedy so I think this kind of combination kind of keeps you

entertained throughout the entire first season.

Now last year the season 3 came

out and frankly I wasn't even sure if I was going to watch it because season 2

was definitely disappointing it didn't really deliver on everything that we

loved about season 1 but eventually I decided to give it a try and watch

season 3 and it did not disappoint.

It brought back everything that we loved

about season 1 while also bringing new villains and a whole new plot so it goes

without saying that I'm definitely looking forward to watching season 4 and

I highly recommend that you check out this series.

Number 9.

Rick and Morty

Now, are you ready to laugh I mean like really laugh so hard that your ribs hurt?

Well Rick and Morty is a perfect show for this.

If you enjoy animated series

this one is definitely different than what you might be accustomed to with the

likes of SpongeBob SquarePants or The Simpsons.

Now what this series does

because it takes very complex scientific theories or philosophy and kind of

explains it in a very accessible way but what makes Rick and Morty unique is

definitely the characters that we have here the old man Rick who is kind of a

crazy insane scientist who doesn't really care what anyone thinks of him

and Morty who is a timid young boy who just loves helping out his grandfather.

Now this is fantastic for your English because you will learn idioms and

expressions, vocabulary the natives use in everyday life while at the same time

having the opportunity to learn a lot of vocabulary that is specific to science.

So in conclusion you're both equally mercurial overly sensitive clingy

hysterical birdbrain humonculon and I honestly can't even tell the two of you

apart half the time because I don't go by height or age,

I go by amount of pain in my ass,

which makes you both identical.

However, I should warn you that this series is not for everyone.

The humor in it can be dark and sometimes even

offensive but if you want to get a taste of what this series is all about then

you can check out this fun lesson that we made with it by clicking up at the

top right of the screen.

Number eight.


Now if you've been following us then you know this is one of our favorite series.

Now I know that you're probably asking yourself "what the heck is Friends, such

an old series from the 90s, doing on a top ten list for 2020?"

Well the reason that I include this one is that I actually

rewatched the whole ten seasons last

year in 2019 and I have to tell you I laughed a ton and I fell in love all

over again with all of the characters and their stories.

It definitely has not lost any of its relevance.

Check out what Selena Gomez recently said about it:

You know what makes me so happy is that I would watch

it on channel 33 at 10:30 every night on Thursday with my mom.

-Yes -And I cried

when the whole season was over but what made me so happy is like now now like

people my age and everyone else is just obsessed and it just makes me so happy

for you and for the show because it's iconic.

Oh god I love you.

And other fans that you might know about include Taylor Swift.

I watch endless Friends marathons for comfort.

Harry Styles,

First question is: "Sing your favorite TV show theme tune".

What should we do?

"So noone told you life was gonna be this way"

"Your job's a joke, you're broke Your love life's D.O.A"

And the lead singer of the popular k-pop band, BTS.

How did you teach yourself English?

Um actually my English teacher was a sitcom, Friends,

Oh you watched Friends!


So was it mainly just phrases then?

Or you just learned everything?

Um, I think you know back in the days like when I was like 15, like 14 it was quite

like a syndrome for all the Korean parents to make their kids watch the Friends.

-Really? -So, yeah.

For…I thought I was kind of like a victim at that time

but well right now I'm the lucky one so like thanks my mother she

she bought that all the other seasons for DVDs, it got 10 DVDs, right?


So about me, and so firstly I watched with the Korean subtitle and the next

time I watched with the English subtitle and then i just removed it.

That's very impressive and Friends would be very happy that you learned

Thank you!

And there's probably no series out there that is better for learning English.

In fact, various academic studies have actually shown that this is probably the best

series that has ever been made for learning English.

Now this has to do with

kind of the storyline, you know friends spending a lot of time sitting around in

a cafe speaking about life's everyday problems but it also just has to do with

this having such a huge influence on the english as it's spoken today.

So if you would love to learn English with Friends and have a ton of fun doing it well

there's no better way than with our Fluent with Friends course, now in this

forty eight week course you will learn alongside the first two seasons getting

all the vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural context that you need to fully

understand this series while getting a ton of confidence in your English.

So why not give it a try?

You can do that with our free three-part master class just

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Number seven: Succession.

Everything I've done in my life

I've done for my children I know I've made mistakes but I've always tried to

do the best final because I love them.

Maybe you thought about the possibility

that your children are actually scared of you?

Oh fuck off!

Succession tells the story of a not so typical family called the Roy's let's

see exactly why.

This is my vision, I take over, you two under me.

Under you.

Let me think about it?

-Of course. -I thought about it, fuck you.

This family's broken and that has consequences.

Kick out the old man, him with the new guard.

Where've you been?

I was meeting about a prospective job.

With your father's enemy?

Disagreeing with dad is not treason.

You want this enough to go to war with your family.

Now, the reason that this series is on the list is not only because it's super entertaining

but I recommend it for you because it is great for learning business English

let's take a look at an example of some of the typical sort of vocabulary that

you'll learn for business, be careful because the series does include a lot of

vulgar language which is a part of real-life English but if you prefer not

to see that then you might want to skip over this example.

Yeah I'll take it

so all they need is adults in the room accounting team, analytics team and

investment we burned 50 million for a few years we, we make it the best thing

in the world.

Oh is that all?

But you always say "got a burn to turn".

Well, that's what's your read.

And you know it's interesting dad because I hear

everything he's saying and it actually it almost sounds like a good pitch but I

call bullshit I spent some time down there and I'm just not seeing it I don't

know exactly what they're doing but they're fakes

fucking beehives almond milk and take another week on that report, Matilda it

smells wrong and they're hiding shit.


Now this series is a drama with a little

bit of comedy and it has won a bunch of awards such as the Golden Globe for Best Drama.

You can check out succession on HBO.

Number six: The Crown.

We're ready for you, your Majesty.

Three, two, one.

This is Jubilee day, this is a day of grueling as the Queen's

coronation 25 years ago.

Now with this one let's head over to England

because this series is perfect for learners of British English now it's all

about the history of Queen Elizabeth the second, the current Queen of England and

the Royal Family as she came to power.

Now the reason we include it in this list

is because it uses a classic sort of British English called received

pronunciation, which is likely what you need to learn if you're learning British English.

If that man wins, he'll want us out.

This is no longer peacetime

This country was still great when I came to the throne, all that's happened on my

watch is the place is falling apart.

You cannot flinch any falling apart if

we say it is, that's the thing about the monarchy we paper over the cracks.

Now if you enjoyed this series and the language that you can learn in it then you might

also want to check out Downton Abbey.

Number five: Suits.

Why don't we go out and celebrate?

We're all on the same boat now.

I'm taking full control as Managing partner.

Are you serious?

From now on it's are you serious ma'am, have you got that, pretty boy?

What you said about us working together.

I appreciate it.

-Thanks, Robin. -Oh you welcome, Batman.

Now coming from The Crown in England you

might have heard of Megan Markle, who married recently into the royal family

now she's one of the main actresses in this next series.

Mike Ross?

Hi, I'm Rachel Zane, I'll be giving your orientation.

Wow, you're pretty.

Now Suits just had its final season

which is great because it means that you can binge on

the entire series at once. it is absolutely fantastic for anyone that

needs to learn legal vocabulary let's take a look at some examples.

Celebratory drinks with the associates?


You know what? You can save the disappointment

Harvey I know what I did.

Do you? because what I saw is that you backed off.

It was a fake trial, all right? I weighed the pros and the cons and I decided it

wasn't worth hurting someone for the result.

The result is you just told every

partner in this firm including myself that you have a weak stomach.

You don't have what it takes.

Now even if you're not a lawyer and don't need to learn

legal vocabulary this show is absolutely fantastic because it mixes comedy and

drama and each episode tends to cover a different case that will keep you on the

edge of your seat.

Now if you've already seen suits or after you finish it you

want some more legal vocabulary another one that I really enjoyed that you could

check out is How to Get Away with Murder.

I will not be teaching you how to study

the law or theorize about it, but rather how to practice it in a

courtroom like a real lawyer.

Now this one is a little bit corny but

is also super entertaining and suspenseful, about a famous lawyer and

her legal students at the university that she teaches out.

You can check out

both Suits and How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix

Number four: Killing Eve.

Why are you and Vilanelle so interested in each other?

She wants me to know when she's killed someone.

She's behind that door!

Oh my God, I absolutely love this one, guys.

It's definitely one of my favorite ones that

I have discovered over the last couple of years.

Now this is another one with a

really strange but super fascinating theme.

Gosh, Killing Eve is

It's a psychological drama, thriller and it really focuses on this relationship

between these two women I played Eve Polastri at this at

this early points works, for MI-5 and is obsessed with a serial killer it's an

assassin's and then becomes obsessed with this one assassin killer named

Villanelle play by Jodi Comer and we just enter into this kind ofat

first I would say cat-and-mouse kind of relationship

but by the end I think it's like cat and cat.

Now one of the really interesting things about this series is

that both of the main characters are women in two roles that we typically see

played by men.

Now for language learners such as myself in English Learner like

you you're absolutely going to love this series because of the mix of accents

first of all we see one of the main characters has an American accent but a

lot of the series takes place in England so we see a lot of British accents and

then the other main character is Russian and she tends to speak English with a

Russian accent but she is also a master of different accents and different languages.

Jody, um, as Villanelle speaks many

languages I mean the girl has a remarkable ear she's so talented and so

she's speaking many languages and and many accents but her own accent well

-Alright -I leave you all to

-I'll be surprised. -Yes you will.

As each episode came

through I was like "oh! Russian, German" like they all yeah they kept going.

-Wow! -What's your favorite one to do on the show?

Um, I really enjoyed doing the Italian purely

because that was the one I found easiest to do, French is really hard.

So it's really impressive to see her doing all these different accents and it is

definitely someone that you can try to emulate.

Suncream heiress from Sydney

-I'm Billy. -Hi Billy.

and I'm an addict.

My name is Natalie this is Fanny we work with Frank.

Excuse me, sir. I'm so sorry to bother you but are you gonna graduate soon?

-Hablas español? -Sí.

-Deutsche? -Ja.


Number three: His Dark Materials.

I set out for the North some twelve months ago,

and this is the first of the discoveries I made.

A myriad of worlds,

Of which the Magisterium controls only one.

For centuries they have been trying to keep us where they want us.

on our knees.

You promised the Magisterium you'd control Asriel.

Then we'll need to take the matter into our own hands.

Lyra, there's a great change coming that will threaten us all.

I'm going to give you something.

What does it do?

It has a part to play in all this.

-And a major one. -Wait!

Tell me where the alethiometer is.

Or I will destroy all of this.

I actually just recently watched season one of this one I absolutely loved the

book trilogy by Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials and I was thrilled when I

heard HBO was making a series with this.

I'll tell you what guys this one

exceeded my expectations it is so much better than I thought that it would be

in His Dark Materials we see things like talking bears, airships, portals to other

worlds and war and it's all from the perspective of a little girl named Lyra.

Now His Dark Materials is absolutely exciting, you're always going to be

asking yourself what is coming next and wanting more at the end of every episode

so even if you have not read the books I highly recommend that you check this one

out on HBO.

Number 2: Handmaid's Tale.

I was asleep before that's how we let it happen.

When they slaughtered Congress we didn't wake up, when they blame

terrorists and suspended the Constitution we didn't wake up then either.

Now I'm awake.

Now guys this one is really impactful the

reason that it is so good is because what of a strange premise it is.

However it also seems like it's kind of realistic for something that could

happen in the future, it takes place in the United States in at least what was

the United States and it's kind of the world that we know has gone to hell that

means that everything has gone really bad.

In Margaret Atwood's near-future

novel The Handmaid's Tale a Christian fundamentalist regime called the

Republic of Gilead has staged a military coup and established a theocratic

government in the United States.

The regime theoretically restricts everyone

but in practice a few men have structured Gilead so they have all the

power, especially over women.

Now if you're like me this one will probably have

you really emotional sometimes feeling

really angry even at what's happening in the series which I think if a series can

do that that means it's absolutely fantastic.

So I highly recommend you

check this one out on Hulu and I hope you enjoy it a lot now let's move on to

number one.

Can I get a drumroll please?

Number one is

The Morning Show.

8 seconds to you.

Queue her.

Good morning, I'm bringing you some sad and upsetting news and while I

don't know the details of the allegations

She's throwing me under the bus.

Mitch Kessler my co-host and partner of

15 years was fired today.

So this series from the new streaming platform Apple TV + features

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell so already with this tremendous

cast we can expect a really fantastic series.

Now one of the reasons that this

series is so fantastic is that it is taking a look at a very relevant issue today.

I play a character named Mitch Kessler he's a morning personality who

is accused of sexual misconduct.

The show is about that that's sort of the

catalyst for what happens it's not really about my character it's about how

it impacts this show and the people within it.

Yep, and and cover-ups and and

how supposedly that people higher up know when things are happening.


And don't really do anything about it.

Yeah web of lies there's a lot I mean

it's it's ten episodes I thought it was very well written.

Boy it's really really good.

Now if you work in the world of news or journalism you're going to find

the vocabulary that you learn in this series really useful but even if you

don't you definitely should check it out because this is a drama that is full of

twists and turns that's going to leave you wanting to see what happens next.

So a great place to start if you want to check this one out is to watch a recent

popular lesson that we made featuring this series by clicking up at the top or

down description below.

So those are the 10 best series of 2020 for learning

English now I've given you all these great series to learn with today but you

might be asking yourself how can I kind of actively learn English with these on

my own and not just be like sitting on the couch and using them purely for

entertainment? Now we make this really easy on this

channel so you should definitely subscribe so any of these that we

haven't made lessons with you can see them in the future but just in case you

want to get started on your own I wanted to quickly kind of tell you our

methodology for learning that you can already apply it to learning on your own

now it'll take you a little bit more time and then these lessons that we kind

of curate already for you but it will also be useful for you kind of getting

some extra benefit out of these series.

So all right, so this is what you do the

first thing is you're going to pick one of the series here the second thing is

you're going to go to google and you're going to type in there transcripts for

in the name of the series and once you get this transcript it's really great if

you can download it or you can copy and paste it into a Word document

or you can even print it out and then what you're going to do is you're going

to kind of pick a scene maybe I would want to take like the very first scene

start from the very beginning of the series and the first thing that you're

going to do is watch this scene with subtitles so you'll kind of just be

trying to get the context of the scene now depending on your level if you're

intermediate or lower intermediate maybe you'll want to actually start out by

watching it with subtitles in your native language but if you are

intermediate to advanced then you might want to watch it with English subtitles

right away.

So after you've done this you probably have the context if you watch

it first with subtitles in your native language then be sure then after to

watch it again with sometimes in English otherwise you'll move on to the next

step the next step would be to take this transcript that you've printed out or

that you've saved and you're going to look through it and kind of take note of

everything that's kind of complicated so maybe there were some words that you

already saw that you didn't know maybe there was something that you were like I

would not have understood that without the subtitles, so maybe you're kind of

like highlight that and then basically what you're going to do is go through

all the new vocabulary or expressions that you've pointed out and you'll do a

little bit of research you look up what do these different words mean what do

these expressions mean and then once it's kind of like all full of notes of

like all the different definitions of all the words and the expressions that

you didn't know the next step would be the pronunciation so you've probably

already noticed some things that without the subtitles you would not have understood.

So these things basically what you're going to do is pick up the

scene again and watch those parts specifically so kind of listen while

you're looking at the transcript and really try to figure out why exactly was

it that I couldn't understand this.

Maybe it was due to something

being pronounced in a way that you weren't expecting so for example maybe

you saw the word "butter" but actually an American one pronounces this butter

we would say [bu-der] with a sound that sounds more like a D or maybe it was

because some words kind of connected together some words reduced completely

so you actually want to see how is the way that natives really pronounce this

and not just depending on your eyes and like reading the transcript and doing

this kind of over time you'll start to kind of get used to some of these

tendencies of how natives really speak.

Alright so once you've done all this you

have watched at first got the context broken down the transcript now it's kind

of time for the most fun part so what you're going to do now is watch the

series without any subtitles to kind of test everything that you've learned.

If you notice that there's some part of it that you're still struggling with then

that's no problem at all don't beat yourself up, that means don't give

yourself a hard time or don't criticize yourself really heavily, all you have to

do is pause it and go back and try to figure out why didn't I understand that

part and maybe watch it a few times and so you feel really confident about

understanding the whole scene without subtitles.

Alright guys so I hope that

you'll have a lot of fun learning in this way I hope that you'll enjoy all

these series and now I really want to hear from you so the first thing that

I'd like you to tell me is which of these 10 series are you going to use to

learn English with?

Second, I want you to tell me was there some series not in

this list that you really enjoyed over the last year?

Maybe it will even make a

lesson with it and also be sure to see what other learners said because maybe

you'll just find another suggestion that you like even more.

Alright guys thanks so much for joining me today,

and now it's time to go beyond the classroom and

live your English, awww yeah!

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