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Hi guys! I'm Arnel from Arnel's Everyday English, and today I have a new

lesson for you. Other. Another. Others, Another. This is confusing right? No! I can

tell you now an other is not correct, you will never need to use it. See! The

lessons just got 25% easier. Let's look at these step by step. Ok, we can have

another plus singular countable noun. We can have other plus plural noun, or

uncountable noun. Now in this lesson I say countable uncountable a lot, let's do

a mini review. What do they mean? A countable noun has a singular and a plural

form. For example, dog becomes dogs. Pen, pens. Child becomes children. Uncountable

nouns only have one form. Information. Homework. Luggage. Informations? No.

Homeworks? Luggages? Uncountable nouns only have one form. Ok, let's get back to

our lesson.

These structures can mean additional. Another plus singular countable noun

is one more. Other plus plural countable noun or uncountable noun, more

than one more. There are five chairs in this room. There are six students in this

class. We need one more chair. We need an additional chair.

We need another chair. Another plus singular countable noun, chair. Here's a

brochure with some information. More information can be found on our website.

Additional information can be found on our website. Other information can be

found on our website. Other plus uncountable noun, information.

This grammatical structure can also mean different. This cake pan isn't the right

size, I need a different cake pan. I need another cake pan. Is that the best price

you could find? You should look on different websites. You should look on

other websites.

More examples: would you like another cappuccino? One more, additional. If this

cable doesn't fit we can buy another cable, a different one. We can't only sell

chocolate and vanilla ice cream we need other flavours, we need

additional flavors. We should paint this room white or light blue, other colors

might be a bit overpowering. Different colors. Now this is a bit of a gray area.

What do I mean by grey area? Things in life can be black

and white. The difference is clear but if the difference isn't so clear we have

grey, a grey area. For example, I have another idea.

Do I mean additional? Or different? I have another idea means I have one more idea.

But, it's also going to be a different idea. I'm not going to repeat the same

idea twice. So now it's clear, we have another plus countable noun. Singular.

Other plus plural or uncountable noun meaning additional or different.

Wow, that's so simple. Is that all we need to know? English grammar is easy!

Let's look at other in a bit more detail. So, we can use other with a singular

countable noun, but the meaning changes a little bit.

I have two eyes. I have two cups of coffee. I have two flights - two - two - two. We use

other two mean, the second. The second of two.

My right eye is a little itchy. The other eye is fine, it must be my allergies. This

coffee is black no sugar, the other cup is white with, sugar take your pick.

I can fly to Athens on the seventh. My other option is flying on the 8th, but

that flights at 6:00 a.m. Eye is singular, cup a singular, option is singular. But

what else do you notice? I have a determiner, a determiner before other. Now

what is a determiner? A determiner is a little word we add before a noun to give

it a bit more information. This, that, these, those, my, your, it's, a few, those are

all determiners. In my examples I have the and mine. Determiner plus other plus

singular countable noun, meaning the second of two. We can also use determiner

plus other plus plural noun or uncountable noun. When we use this

structure we mean: the rest, the remaining of a group. Let's take a look. These

chocolate chips are going to be for the cookies

and these other chocolate chips are for the brownies. The remaining chocolate

chips. I just moved into this house I have a few boxes with me. My other stuff

arrives next week, my remaining stuff.

Okay, now we no other or another can mean additional or different and other can

mean the second of two or the remaining. Let's take a closer look at another.

Remember earlier in this lesson I said another plus singular countable noun a

few times.............................

We can use another plus a plural noun if we have a

number in the middle. I still need to take another three exams before the end

of the year. You can keep those tissues, I have another two packs in my bag. We'll

need another a couple of months to finish this project. So you can see I

have numbers here. Three, two, a couple. Okay, technically a couple is not a

number, but we know a couple means two. Two months. We've looked at other and

another separately, let's bring them together again. We can use another and

other as pronouns. Did you enjoy your drink? Would you like another? Here

another means, another drink. I can also say would you like another one? Oh you

don't have a pen? It's okay, I have another you can use. Here, another

means another pen. I can also say another one. I have three kids, I can't have

another. Here, another means another child. I can also say, I can't have another one.

This computer isn't working, what about the other? Here, the other means the other

computer. I can also say the other one. I have two bathrooms in my house. One of

them has a shower, the other doesn't. Here the other means the other bathroom. I can

also say the other one, the other one doesn't have a shower.

Others can also be a pronoun. What's that s for? What do I mean? Others is other

plus plural noun. Cara and Rachel are here but where are the others?

Other children. Excuse me, do any of these muffins contain nuts? The blueberry and

lemon ones don't, but the others do.

Other muffins. Using the with others is very common, but it's not always

necessary. My friends know how outgoing I can be. To

others, I seem pretty shy. Others, other people. Oh wow! We've covered a lot of

information today. Now I hope, Other, Another, Others is a lot

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