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From the studio that brought you the Dreamworks face

comes the animated feature that

revolutionized kids movies "Better out than

in I always say" by adding 90 minutes of

non-stop in jokes "Do you know the muffin man?

The muffin man? The muffin man." Shrek

Meet Shrek; an ogre who used to sound just

like Chris Farly. "Help! A big,

stupid, stinky, smelly, ugly ogre!." But when Chris

passed away he transformed into an ogre

who sounds just like that one voice

Mike Myers does

"Aargh, help, run" "Shut it!"

"I got a crap on deck that could choke a donkey." When his gas

base way of life is threatened, he'll set off on

a quest with: Donkey, a character who is sadly

more famous and Eddie Murphy these days "I'm making waffles"

Fiona, a princess struggling with Bi-Ogre Disorder

and an entire kingdom's worth of

fairy tale characters that Disney had yet to

snatch up. "Eat me!" Together they'll prove that

nothing can overcome the power of true

love. Or more specifically the power of

having a dragon murder your enemies.

Wow they really just straight-up killed

him at the end. Wait, so who's running the

government now? You just started to coup.

Why are you dancing the swamp? Enjoy

early computer animation that looks just

as good as modern computer animation

that hasn't finished rendering. For a

story that parodies all the overused Disney tropes,

full of overused Disney tropes

like: The reluctant ugly hero who thinks

no one can love them,

the no-nonsense princess, the creepy

horny government official who wants to

be king and the lovable animal

sidekick. Hey if you can't beat them, join

them; while at the same time mercilessly

mocking them? *Donkey and Shrek laughing*

Settle in for a story with an important

lesson. Only ugly people can be together.

Wait, that can't be right. True love will

turn you into monster.

No that's not it either. Stick to your own kind?

Oo, no. Short people deserve ridicule? "Men of

Farquaad's stature are in short supply"

Uh, hey look guys are doing the

Macarena! Ha, references! So, come along for

the blockbuster hit that appealed to

adults and kids alike and won the

first academy award for best animated

feel all making fun of Disney's

obsession with franchising and

merchandising that spawn one great

sequel, too bad sequels, a spin off,

a Broadway musical, a ton of unfortunate

green merchandise, and that Smash Mouth

song has been stuck in your head since 2001

Starring, Chris Fartly

Beverly Hills Clop



Mother of Donkeys

and creepy animation errors

"I'm a delivery boy"

"swamp thing" what's up with all the shrek memes

i've been seeing let's see what

this is all about its Shrek

"I'm so happy, Shrek is love, Shrek is life" Oh no no no Shrek is not

love Shrek is not life

oh who likes this drag be sure to

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"This is my swamp"

"Not the buttons, not the gumdrop buttons"

"According to all known laws of aviation, wait, wrong movie."

"Ogres are like onions"

"It's all ogre now"

"Shrek is love, Shrek is life"