101 Really Useful PHRASAL VERBS: intermediate and advanced


Today I've got 101 really useful phrasal verbs for you and we'll look at that in just

a moment now the ones I've chosen are for intermediate and advanced students

so I won't be covering one such as SIT DOWN, GET UP, WAIT FOR because at this

level you should already know them. Also I haven't done many directional

phrasal verbs such as WALK AWAY and GET ON because these you can work out from

the context. Now the ones I've chosen are more difficult to work out from the

context. For each one I'll give you an example and there will be a

definition below so study them well use them and it will really boost your

vocabulary so I hope you like it and let's go

There are rules and you must abide by the rules.

I asked around but nobody wanted to buy my spare ticket.

She's a very nice girl do you think I should ask her out?

You're getting married in 20 minutes it's too late to back out now.

He crashed his car and then his engine blew up.

I've had a lot of professional disappointments recently but I promise you I'll bounce back.

Somebody broke into the apartment last night and stole the jewelry.

Yes I want to bring up the subject of my pay rise.

I know it's a small sofa but I want to sit there - so budge up.

You know I bumped into Terry on the high street today.

There is a big storm coming so I'm afraid we'll have to call off the match.

Why are you so angry it's not so serious calm down.

While I was cleaning the Attic I came across this treasure map.

Everybody's dancing kazoomba this new dance has really caught on.

You're falling behind the rest of the class you need to take some extra lessons so that

you can catch up.

We haven't spoken for ages come over to dinner next week and we can catch up.

You know Picasso had a wife but he cheated on her and had a

daughter with his mistress Marie-Therese.

There's a great exhibition showing at the Tate you should check it out.

Your family and friends will be in the crowd to cheer you on to victory. come on!

Why are you looking so miserable so what you lost a game cheer up! Finally

Finally some peace and quiet I'm just going to chill out here in the armchair for a while.

Usually I clock off around 6:30.

Nobody buys videos anymore so the shop has closed down.

Suddenly I cottoned on he was trying to cheat me.

You are the star of the team and we are all counting on you.

The authorities are cracking down on fare Dodgers on the Metro.

I have a list of things to do and I am crossing them off one by one as I do them.

I've decided to cut down on the amount of sugar I eat.

This is a soundproof room that will cut out all the noise.

It's a scandal that's all over the newspapers but don't worry in a few days it will all die down.

If you say that again I'll do you in.

This apartment looks the same as it did 30 years ago

we should do it up.

We have a wedding to attend so we have to dress up.

Let's drink to the future cheers Cheers cheers! Everybody

Next time you're in town drop in I'll make you a cup of matcha latte.

Yes certainly get in the car and I'll drop you off at the station.

We've got nothing to eat in the house why don't we eat out tonight.

Let's not walk down the street I don't know where it'll end up.

He was talking a lot but I couldn't figure out what he wanted to say.

I ran flat out for half an hour and now I'm exhausted.

Using social media during working hours is frowned upon in the company.

Not today, not tomorrow but one day I'll get round to renovating the basement.

He stole the Picasso from the museum and for 30 years he got away with it.

I don't have much money this month but somehow I'll get by.

My new work colleagues are very nice I really get on well with them.

It took him years to get over Thelma's death.

My new apartment is much smaller than my old one so I had to get rid of lots of stuff I don't need..

You're obviously going to win this game of chess so I give in.

No after you please go ahead.

I don't understand I really don't understand can we go over it again?

We were once so close but over the years we've grown apart you and I.

Pokemon Go is very nice but you're 18 now haven't you grown out of it?

children grow up fast.

I'll just get the information for you can you hang on a moment?

You know I hit it off with Bob the first I met him and now we've been friends for many years.

We are going to sing Happy Birthday when she arrives and I want everybody to join in

You promised to feed my cat when I was on holiday but you didn't you let me down and my cat Tiddles

Oh no! know I left my keys in the apartment and now I can't get back in I'm locked out.

Everything's crazy right now but I long for a quiet and peaceful life

it was nice meeting you today

and I look forward to meeting you again soon.

This is a serious problem and I promise you I'll look into it.

There are some rocks falling look out!

You had lunch with the Queen? that's not true you just made that up.

I'm sorry I called you fat stupid and smelly I apologize let's make up and be friends again

I didn't mean to hurt you I didn't mean to make you cry

Hey! If you're free on Saturday night let's meet up.

Look she left you five years ago now's the time to stop crying and move on.

Sometimes after big lunch I nod off in the afternoon my coworkers don't like it though

I will pass on your good wishes to my mother.

He drunk so much vodka eventually he passed out.

So let's pencil in that meeting for next Wednesday at 3:00 p.m.

The government is trying to play down the significance of the corruption scandal

Where can i plug in my computer?

I'm just gonna pop in to the post office for a few minutes to pick up a package

I'll be back in a moment

I'm tired can we put off the meeting until next week?

There was a rat in the restaurant and that really put me off the meal.

I have an interview tomorrow so today I'm going to read up on the company.

if you speak all day on your phone you will run down the battery.

Now we need to be in Glasgow by 11 a.m.

There's a lot of traffic so we should set off at about 7:00 a.m.

You have to set out exactly how you're going to make this project work.

Yes you can set up the equipment here

You're too old for this crazy lifestyle it's time you found

the nice girl and settled down.

I waited for him for an hour but he didn't show up.

I''ve been working late and getting up very early every day this week

so tomorrow it's Sunday I'm gonna sleep in.

Right I'm going to take off my suit now

and slip into something more comfortable.

You know I haven't worn these jeans since I was a student do you think I can

still squeeze into them?

I'm tired I don't want to go out tonight I'm going to stay in.

Yes I know it's old and slow but I don't have much money at the

moment so I'm going to stick with my old car for the time being.

This report is a thousand pages long can you sum it up for me?

I'm thinking of taking up golf.

This is old and smelly you should throw it away

Excuse me can I try on this suit

I'm exhausted I'm gonna turn in good night see you tomorrow.

New shoes usually take a few days to wear in.

After the operation it will take the anesthetic a few hours to wear off

completely so you'll be a bit drowsy for a while.

There are holes in your shoes they are completely worn out you need a new pair.

We whiled away the afternoon chatting and walking around the bay.

I hope to win back all the money I lost at poker when we played last week

We disagree on so many things but don't worry we'll we'll work something out.

Five days a week I work out at the gym for two hours.

We need to zoom in on the reasons for the financial collapse.

That's it thank you for watching I hope you found that useful and you can leave some

examples of those phrasal verbs in the comments and as always stay mellow and

I'll see you in the next video