Learn English With Friends' Theme Song: "I'll Be There for You"


That's right! Today we're learning with the theme song from Friends.

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All right! So, the expression you just learned and the name of the song, "I'll be there for you",

is a way to show support to someone, right?

So, I wanted to give you five other expressions,

very colloquial American expressions that you can use to show support or encouragement to a friend.

So, the first one is "hang in there".

What that means basically is that

you're telling your friend that although things are difficult right now, don't give up because things will get better.

Hang in there.

The next one is very similar which is "Stay strong".

So, this is exactly what it sounds like -

you can tell a friend this if they are feeling like

things are difficult, that they need to stay strong, not get weak, not give up.

And the next one is just a little bit different,

"I'm behind you 100%".

If you're behind someone, that means that you supports their decision or

you're basically there to lend them a hand. And if you say that you're behind them 100%,

that basically means that you are fully behind them. So, it's a way to show them

that with a decision that they're making, and moving forward, that you will give

them 100% of your support.

So, the next one is really great for giving your friend some encouragement

and that is "The sky's the limit".

It's basically saying that there are no limits, there are no borders.

That they have unlimited potential, nothing is impossible. So, if you're wanting to kind of inspire

someone, this would be a great one to use.

And then finally,

the fifth one is "Every cloud has its silver lining".

This one basically you can use that if your friend

is feeling depressed, if something bad happened to them, you would say

"every cloud has a silver lining" meaning that even though bad things

happen to us, there's usually always some positive side to it.

So, even though things seem bad right now

you never know in the future what this is going to lead to.

And, so often in our lives, things that seem negative in the moment

will lead to the most growth, the most learning so we should really never give up in the face of aversion.

And of course the best way to remember any new vocabulary or expressions that you learn

is to put them to use right away.

So, I want you to try this out by picking one of these expressions you just learned

and writing an example down in the comments below,

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