7 Steps to English Fluency


Hello there. How are you doing?

I'm so happy that you're here with me at Go Natural English to improve your fluency.

So this is a special secret video lesson: The 7 Steps to Fluency in the English Language.

See it's really complicated trying to master the English language without a guide, without instructions.

So that's what I want to be for you is your English teacher guide,

and I want to give you really clear practical instructions

for becoming fluent and confident in the English language.

So let's take a look at the board behind me

and I'm going to explain each step clearly with a bit more detail, let's go.

So number one, it's very important that we start with the proper mindset.

We have to prepare our minds for success,

and that means a positive mindset, it can do attitude.

I believe that you can become fluent in English,

but you have to believe in yourself, too.

So I need you to do something.

I need you to believe in yourself.

And I need you to trust me as your english teacher and your guide to fluency.

So beginning with the proper mindset is very important.

And we really can't go far, if we don't have first and foremost the proper mindset.

So I recommend that for step one that you check out the Go Natural English Ebook: The English Fluency Formula.

Because there's a chapter about mindset, and there's also chapters on pronunciation,

and structure, and phrasal verbs, and other topics that you need to know for English fluency.

And it really helps you to understand the big picture.

So I really recommend that you get started with the ebook for step one.

Now step two is to master the sounds of English, this means pronunciation.

Because there are sounds in English like "tth" the "th" sound "arrrr"

that may be a little different from your native language.

So I love teaching pronunciation, I love helping English learners like you from all over the world

from many different countries to master pronunciation in English.

It's really fun, it's like a workout for your mouth.

Because I teach you exactly how to use your mouth, your tongue, your face,

in order to pronounce sounds correctly in English.

So you can check out my Go Natural English course for pronunciation.

Also sounds mean listening, and I know listening to native speakers can be challenging.

We talk really quickly sometimes, sometimes we blend sound together,

and that's another topic that I love teaching.

So a good course to learn about listening skills

on how to improve them is the 17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills.

It's one of the most popular courses at Go Natural English.

So you could check that out to specifically focus on your listening skills.

Next "Words", we all know that vocabulary or words are very important to expressing yourself in a language.

You need to have word, you need to have vocabulary words,

even if you don't know the proper correct grammar to use.

You can express yourself using vocabulary.

But we want real life practical vocabulary: the idioms, the slang, the phrases that native speakers use, right.

Not old, inappropriate, very formal, robotic textbook vocabulary.

So I want to help you to learn the vocabulary that you're really going to hear from native English speakers

and to learn how to use it not just word by word by word memorizing lists,

but how to use the words in phrases and sentences.

Next we have "Phrases", so putting words together

into two, three, four, or five word, phrases maybe sentences.

But phrases are super important because we almost never just speak in one word utterances, right.

We usually speak in phrases, maybe we have a subject, a verb, an object.

These would be phrases and sentences.

So I want to help you to learn how to form your phrases,

how to speak fluently using the right words together like a native.

Phrases also include learning phrasal verbs, a verb plus a preposition, that carries a new meaning.

And we love to use phrasal verbs in English.

So it's very important not to skip over phrasal verbs.

Don't avoid them just because they're a little challenging, a little difficult.

They don't have to be, I'm going to make it easy for you.

You can also check out the phrasal verb course at Go Natural English.

And that's going to be really helpful, I highly suggest that to clarify phrasal verbs

that are most important for your everyday life.

Next we have "Structure".

Structure means how you express yourself, how do you structure your thoughts, tenses and grammar.

Now you really don't have to know every single grammar rule in the English language.

And I highly suggest you don't worry too much about grammar.

Learn what you need to know for practical everyday communication,

and then relax and rely on your communication skills.

And that comes with "Conversation."

So at Go Natural English, I love to help people connect

and have better conversations with other English speakers.

So it's all about knowing how to start, continue, and end a conversation.

So that you can make new friends,

so that you can network with other professionals in your career field.

So that you can ease your interview, or do really well on your oral English test exam.

Maybe you're taking a test and you have to prove your conversational skills.

That's what I want to help you with.

And finally the seventh step is "Culture".

Cultural understanding is part of the English language.

So I love giving you tips and tricks for communicating more effectively with American culture in mind.

So knowing how awesome and interesting all the different cultures are in the world.

I try to help you to understand how Americans think and how you can relate to North Americans better.

And get what you want out of your communication and your conversations.

So those are the seven steps for English fluency and confidence.

Number one mindset, two sounds,

three words, four phrases, five structure, six conversation, and seven culture.

And here at Go natural English, I've made the materials that you need.

The courses and the programs that will help you each step of the way.

So you could buy them one by one, and see how it goes, see if you need, all of them or you can dive in.

And save when you purchase the complete Go Natural English Program.

Find out more information about all Go Natural English learning materials courses and programs.

At GoNaturalEnglish.com/Premium G and E.

Thanks so much. I am so honored that you've chosen me to be your English teacher

I believe in you, now if you're ready to get fluent, let's go!

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