Learn English with Music - Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)


Aww Yeah, what’s going on RealLifers?

Ethan here and I’ve got a really exciting new type of lesson for you guys today.

If you love music, then you are going to be crazy about this, I hope.

So, why should you learn with music?

Maybe youre already doing this.

I’m sure that you already listen to music.

It’s fun, it’s full of common vocabulary, expressions, slang, and it can help you even

pick up on the rhythm and flow of the language, which will help you to learn to speak much

more like a native speaker.

It also, by singing along with music, when you do it right, you are exaggerating the


So youre working out your muscles of articulation.

It’s almost like taking your mouth to the gym!

And in addition to this, it makes it easy to remember all that new vocabulary, those

expressions, you learn grammar IN CONTEXT, and I wrote a whole article all about the

benefits, so I don’t want to talk too much more about it.

You can actually just click here and go read that if youre interested in learning how

you can take more advantage of your favorite songs to take you English to the next level.

So, this might seem familiar to you if youve watched our LEARN ENGLISH WITH TV videos.

The best way to learn with this video is to click here, go watch the music video, and

listen to the song, and then you are going to go through the lesson, youll learn all

the vocabulary and expressions, youll learn any cultural references, grammar, and of course,

pronunciation, and then I want you to go ahead and listen to the song again, after you finish

this video, just to test your comprehension after learning all this great stuff.

And the song is calledShape of Youby Ed Sheeran, it’s actually the number

one song in the world right now, and so I hope youve already heard it, and if not,

enjoy it a lot.

Let’s jump into the lesson guys

All right guys, I hope that you learned A LOT with that lesson.

I hope it has given you some good ideas about

how you can use music to really improve all aspects of your English.

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If this video gets enough likes and comments, then I am definitely going to making more

videos like this, teaching you English with Music.

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of learning, and if you like learning with TV series, youre definitely going

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In a very similar way to this you will be learning all of the vocabulary, the expressions,

the culture and grammar, which is very difficult to learn without a native speaker, and of

course the connected speech, which will help you not only to start sounding a bit more

like a native, but it will help you take your comprehension of the English language of your

favorite TV series, movies, and any conversations that youre getting into a lot better.

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So if that sounds pretty good to you, I would highly recommend you go check that out right


All right guys, I’m looking forward to hearing what you thought about this video, go out

there, and kick ass with your English!

Aww Yeah!!!

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